A 10-year-old boy lives on his own:How he lives and what difficulties he has to overcome

Dang Van Khuen, who is ten years old, is already self-sufficient and does not have any family. He was still a newborn when his mother passed away. His father sent money to his son and granddaughter while working from a distance. But the boy’s grandmother passed away one day, and his father passed away a few days later.

Dang’s instructor supported him in two ways: he informed the guardianship authorities about the child’s difficult circumstances and assisted in raising funds for a dignified funeral for his student’s family.The child was insistent about wanting to live on his own and refused to be adopted or placed in an orphanage.

These days, Dang works very hard; to help him eat, the small child plants in the morning and evening. Like all of his peers, the child attends school during the day and successfully completes the curriculum.

The 10-year-old Dang, who is certain he has chosen the right choice, is the foundation of the entire economy.The boy is a real hero since kids his age enjoy life with their parents without thinking about anything.We hope he has a bright future and can overcome these difficult circumstances.

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