HEARTS Break for Michael J. Fox: ‘I don’t fear that’!

Michael J. Fox currently controls the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease after a courageous 33 years of fighting the illness.

He takes medication to combat the paralysis of his face muscles, which causes erratic movements. Fox inspires many individuals with his positive outlook on life despite his challenges.


Director Davis Guggenheim, having spent some time with Fox, yearned for a comparable perspective. Fox acknowledged that Parkinson’s is a complex gift, saying, “It’s the gift that keeps on taking, but it has changed my life in so many positive ways.”


Fox’s journey hasn’t been easy. Amidst numerous operations and fractures, he went through periods of depression. He continues to be strong, saying, “I’m a tough son of a b.”


Despite being 62 years old and conscious of his own mortality, Fox is not afraid of the future. He knows that one day he may say to himself, “I’m not going out today.”

Despite the difficulties of having Parkinson’s disease, Fox remains unwavering in his resolve, even if he doesn’t plan to live to be 80 years old. He understands that Parkinson’s is “banging on the door,” but he’s willing to put up with the illness for however long it takes.

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