Steve Harvey’s son makes a confession on his show that moves him to tears

The real life story of comedian and TV host Steve Harvey, who rose from extreme poverty to enormous wealth, is not widely known.Few people are aware of the difficult route he had to follow in order to accomplish his objectives and get over some incredibly difficult circumstances, despite the fact that he is seen as one of the most significant figures in America today.


Steve Harvey grew up with little since he was born into a family of West Virginia coal miners. He had to work a number of jobs, including mail delivery, carpet cleaning, and even boxing, to pay for his career when he ultimately made the decision to pursue it. After he and his first wife separated, he had very little money left over and his children ended up receiving his stand-up comedy gig cheques. The awful result of homelessness was staring him in the face. I had lost one or two jobs and was living on the streets.I was unsure of where to go.It was quite melancholy. It’s actually a maximum of one week. At one point, the comic informed PEOPLE that this was three years ago.

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