The World’s Thinnest Woman’s Battle Against Anorexia Will Leave You Speechless!

Valeria Levitin, a 39-year-old native of Monaco, is thought to be the world’s thinnest woman at under four stone. Her slender figure serves as a stark warning about the risks connected to eating disorders. Valeria says in fan letter that she is very disturbed that females are trying to imitate her skeletal appearance and that she “is not going to teach young girls how to die.”

Her battle with anorexia during her adolescent years was greatly influenced by her mother’s obsession with her weight. Valeria, who was sixteen when she came in Chicago, began an extreme diet in an effort to blend in. People would constantly warn her that she was too big when she finally decided to try her hand at modeling. She was only six stone, therefore her 24 year old mother forbade her from dancing for fear of injury.

Valeria’s health has gotten so bad that she is unable to even recall the flavor of bread. She is dedicated to combating anorexia and motivating others to seek assistance. Her desire to become a mother might provide her with the drive to recover.

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