Couple says restaurant fined them for ‘poor parenting’ – the restaurant owner then reveals the truth

For parents, eating out may be a stressful experience. Many times, parents find it difficult to discipline their children in public, which makes eating out uncomfortable for everyone.

This couple says they were “fined” for their struggles, which were comparable to theirs. To learn more, continue reading.

Unexpectedly, a restaurant in North Georgia started fining customers for “poor parenting.” A discussion on whether it is reasonable to charge parents for misbehaving children has been triggered online by the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant outside of Blue Ridge.

A Reddit user shared their dining experience at the eatery. The owner came out and informed me that he was adding $50 to my account due to my children’s behavior, they wrote. let down by the encounter.

A journalist reached out to the eatery to obtain their version of events. Tim Richter, the proprietor, made the decision to be honest. Although the restaurant put a premium to cover costs during COVID-19, he noted that no one was charged more than their recent bill.


Before a few weeks ago, he claimed, he had never threatened anyone with a fee. This changed after a family with nine children came to his restaurant. He mentioned that the kids were scurrying about everywhere.

He clarified that although he had warned the parents, he had never really taken money from them!

He said, quite simply, “We want parents to be parents.” Nestled along the Toccoa River in the mountains, the restaurant is accustomed to a serene clientele. Cars sprawl over the roadside during dinner times, and the restaurant is highly popular.

When Laura Spillman, a client from Florida who was visiting the area, learned about the regulation, she said she was shocked.

“That is absurd,” she remarked with disbelief. Is that right? You shouldn’t do it, in my opinion, just because kids are adorable.

While eating lunch with her family, Anne Cox mentioned that the cost might motivate parents to exercise more discipline so that their kids behave better.

She stated, “Parents must instill manners in their children as well as behavior.” They should enjoy themselves where appropriate since there are other individuals in the world.

This is the first time Federico Gambineri, who was in the restaurant with his baby, has heard of such a policy. “That’s new to me, and since I have a 20-month-old who isn’t always the best-behaved at restaurants, I’m hoping I don’t get charged,” he continued. “I would be really upset if I were charged, and I doubt I would ever recommend the place to anyone.”

A frequent customer of the restaurant named Jack Schneider claimed to be unaware of this additional fee. Schneider stated, “My feelings about that are conflicted.” We’ve all sat next to tables where someone says, “Hey, do something with that kid,” at the same time. In my opinion, the parents should bear more of the blame.

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