Family Discovers a Surprise Visitor on Their Porch: A Seal Pup!

Unexpected surprises abound in life, and interactions with wildlife are no exception. Just picture how shocked a household would be to find a cute seal puppy curled up for a nap on their porch. You don’t usually find yourself welcoming an unexpected guest home!

The Department of Conservation posted this touching story on Facebook. It happened in Wellington, New Zealand. Before taking a snooze, the tiny explorer—a New Zealand fur seal—had gone on quite the trip, according to the article.


It had gone up stairs on the seawall, over a road, over a footpath, across a driveway, and up another set of stairs before deciding to take a nap on the porch.

Though closely related to sea lions, the New Zealand fur seal, sometimes called kekeno, is not a real seal. In New Zealand, the months of May through September are referred to as “seal silly season” with affection.

Young seal pups and adult males leave their nests during this time to explore the outside world. Locals frequently discover seals in unforeseen locations including streets, parks, and even their own houses.


People are reassured by the Department of Conservation that these interactions are typical and that the seals should be allowed to continue with their business unhindered. Although they could look thin or ill, with teary eyes and a cough, this is the seals’ natural state; they are remarkably tough animals. Seals just require rest, not rescue.

However, it’s best to get help from the Department of Conservation if a seal is hurt or in immediate danger. An officer quickly arrived and moved the sleeping porch seal to a more secure area away from any dangers.

Imagine your excitement and wonder if you discovered a cute seal puppy just outside your front door! It’s the kind of meeting that would surely provide treasured memories and a fantastic tale to tell others.


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