Guy has neighbors upset after he paints his whole house hot pink

Every homeowner worries that their new neighbors will be problematic.


However, what would happen if your neighbor made so many improvements to their home after you moved in that it was difficult to look at?

Residents of an Austin, Texas suburb are offended by a guy who painted his house a bright pink color that looks like Pepto-Bismol, and it’s hurting them.

A Homeowners Association, or HOA, is present in the majority of American neighborhoods. Its purpose is to maintain a uniform appearance of the houses and to provide funds for amenities that are beneficial to the inhabitants.

However, Emilio Rodriguez, a resident of Pflugerville, Texas, chose to purchase his home since there is no homeowners association (HOA).


That meant he could finally paint everything pink, as his desire had long been. a choice that has strained relations with his neighbors.


“I adore this home,” I’m not sure why people find that objectionable,” Emilio said to CBS17.


Originally beige when Emilio acquired the house, it is now his favorite hue, and he intends to paint more Pepto-Bismol pink in the house.

Pink makes him content.

His neighbors are not happy about the pink house and fear that it may depress local real estate prices.

However, Emilio, who was rendered wheelchair-bound following a vehicle accident and several medical problems, claims that he is satisfied with the hue of his residence.

According to him, the hue also contributes to keeping Austin Weird.

Watch the video below to see what more Emilio wants to paint pink.

How do you feel about Emilio’s house’s color?

In my opinion, you should learn to love your neighbor and use this house to make it easier for delivery people, friends, and other people to discover your home. One of our favorite neighbors ever was a neighbor whose house was this hue. We adored her. You’ll grow accustomed to it.

Kindly tell your friends and relatives about this story and ask them what they think of this house.

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