Reba McEntire makes very surprising confession about her son Shelby

Reba McEntire is a well-known musician and actress who is loved for her grounded nature.

Her upbringing in the country did not inspire this way of thinking; rather, it was manufactured to promote CDs.

She revealed something unusual about her family life in a recent interview, and her country upbringing would have a big influence on how she brought up her one and only child.

Because Reba is so real and easygoing, she is one of those rare musical treasures. The 67-year-old music icon is proudly a country girl, having grown up on a ranch in Chockie, Oklahoma.

When she wasn’t in school, she assisted with the cattle and played in the family band. Reba was an avid fan of barrel racing, and her grandfather and father were well-known rodeo winners.Her rustic childhood gave birth to many of the values Reba carried with her throughout her life.

She told People, “Mama and Daddy always told me that if you tell somebody you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time, you show up.”


“I was raised in that manner.”

Shelby, her son, was born in 1990, and she was already incredibly well-known. She knew that even with her well-known mother, she would have to be careful to raise him appropriately.

Reba had to make several tough decisions while raising Shelby, but she never wavered from her values.

“I never allowed Shelby to win when we would play cards or games,” she remarked.

That approach would not have taught him anything. I’ll always adore you, Shelby, but I also want other people to think well of you. Thus, avoid being a bit jerk. Be not a spoilt brat.

The GRAMMY Award-winning singer and her ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock, instilled on Shelby, who is now a race car driver, a sense of selflessness and respect for others.

“Many have told me you would never know he was blessed with the life he was given,” the woman remarked.

McEntire has also admitted that she was a little more conceited herself before having her kid. She made an effort to be with him as often as possible.

She remarked, “I took him on the road with me, and I had the best nannies.” When I was unable to, I would take a plane home following a show, wake him up in the morning, drop him off at school, and come back. We would play till my next flight out for a gig later that evening. It was Shelby that I desired. Continue to do so.

The superstar of country music has also been open about her son’s ADHD. He used to have trouble finishing a book when he was younger, but in his 30s, he reads a ton.

He’s constantly aiming to do better and accomplish better. His father also performed admirably. For me, Shelby is a gift from God. We have a close relationship. I admit that before Shelby, I was kind of a conceited person. However, all of the focus shifts to a small character that you are tasked with protecting, loving, caring for, and teaching.

Reba is always pleased for her son, but she was overjoyed when he recently got married to Marissa, his future wife. The couple’s wedding at Walt Disney World had a magical, tale-like atmosphere.

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