Prince William’s last ever words to Diana breaks our hearts

The news of Princess Diana’s passing shocked everyone. The “People’s Princess,” whose funeral was watched by the largest television viewership ever, was mourned by millions of people.Many people believed they had lost a relative. For some, though, it was indeed the case.

At their mother’s burial, Prince William and Prince Harry are well-known for following her casket when they were small. The brothers were present at Balmoral on the day of the tragedy, and what happened the next day was quite shocking.

The day before their mother was killed in a horrifying car accident in Paris, William and Harry had a conversation with her. The Prince mentioned their mother in an interview.

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At approximately 12:23 in the morning on August 31, 1997, Princess Diana’s vehicle collided with the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France. Accompanied by a bodyguard and driver, she drove herself and her lover, the film tycoon Dodi Fayed, who was born in Egypt, out of the Ritz Hotel. When they abruptly crashed in the Paris tunnel, paparazzi photographers were pursuing them.

Henri Paul, the car’s driver, and Dodi Fayed, Diana’s friend, were discovered dead inside. Trevor Rees-Jones, her bodyguard, happily lived. The medical personnel on the spot gave the cherished princess a great deal of attention, but while in the ambulance, she suffered a heart arrest. Diana got to the hospital six minutes after two in the morning.

An X-ray was ordered when Diana initially arrived at the hospital, and the results showed that she had sustained serious internal injuries. She consequently had a blood transfusion right away. Diana experienced another heart arrest in just fifteen minutes. The princess underwent surgery, but the extent of the damage was too high. Chief Medley, MonSef Dahman. She would never feel her heart beat again.

The person in charge of attempting to save Diana’s life was MonSef Dahman. He described the events of that evening in an interview.

“The thought that you have lost an important person, for whom you cared personally, marks you for life,” he said to the British news website.

“We tried electric shocks multiple times, and we also tried cardiac massage, which I had done in the emergency room before,” Dahman stated.

Diana was battled for survival by Dahman and his medical staff. However, they ultimately lacked authority. He declared that he was “happy and proud” to have saved individuals who were brought to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, which he claimed was among the best in France for these kinds of cases.

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Diana, however, initially experienced hope. But in the end, they were unable to save her. The children of Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry, stayed in Paris with their father, King Charles, and grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, while doctors battled to save their mother.

How William and Harry found out about Diana’s passing

Harry and William were born two years apart, yet they had happy childhoods. Their mother understood how important their future was. She recognized that they were unique among kids, but she also knew that they ought to have the most conventional childhood possible. Eventually, Prince William and his wife, Kate, would include it in their parenting.

The royal family was clearly affected by Princess Diana’s passing. Harry was supposed to be a major player in the monarchy, despite the fact that Diana and Charles had split up less than a year prior. The eldest son, William, was expected to ascend to the throne eventually.

William, then fifteen, and Harry, then twelve, were asleep when the news first broke. Following the princes’ return to consciousness, Queen Elizabeth II recognized the need to keep them safe.

Before telling her maids at Balmoral to conceal every television and radio in the Castle, she gave the little boys permission to sleep in. Her Majesty then forbade anyone from talking about Diana’s passing when they attended church the next morning.

Harry wrote in his book Spare that his father “didn’t hug him” when Diana died. The two children were obviously stunned and devastated. In an interview for the Diana, 7 Days documentary, William described how the terrible news left him feeling “dizzy,” “disoriented,” and “completely numb.”

“You’re completely bewildered. And you find yourself wondering, “Why me?” Why? I always ask myself this. How did I travel to this location? Why? Why is this happening to us? William said.

The movie Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, in his words, “is nothing like it in the world.” It’s not there at all. It feels like an earthquake has just rocked your entire existence, even the house. You are two different people. And it took some time for me to really understand it.

“It was very difficult to communicate.”


William and Harry were approached by family members who tried to discuss what had transpired. The loss of their cherished mother was difficult for the two to accept.

He stated, “The family got together, and Harry and I did our best to have a conversation about it” (Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy). But it was incredibly difficult to understand or express your feelings when you were that age. It’s very complex.

Princess Diana was laid to rest on September 6, 1997. William and Harry, who are two years old, accompanied their mother’s coffin in the cortege during the funeral, which was witnessed by an estimated 2.5 billion people.

Following his mother’s passing, Harry told Newsweek, “I had to walk a long way behind my mother’s coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more watched on television.” “I don’t think that task should ever be assigned to a child.” That is not something I think would happen now.

Princess Diana was laid to rest in the Althorp house, which is located on a little island in Oval Lake. Naturally, it was difficult to go on. Still, they made an effort to keep a positive attitude and present a bold front to the public.

“You try to rebuild your life and come to terms with what’s happened gradually,” William said. I reminded myself over and over that my mother would not want me to be unhappy. She wouldn’t approve of my depression. She wouldn’t want me to be like this. I also kept myself busy, which has benefits and drawbacks but gets you past the initial phase of shock.

Whether or whether she was a princess, Princess Diana’s first concern was for her children. Diana was worried that if she and Charles split, she may lose them despite her best efforts to keep them safe.

Diana got William and Harry’s farewell phone call.

Biographer Howard Hodgson, author of Charles: The Man Who Will Be King (2007), claims Diana thought Queen Elizabeth and Charles intended to keep her away from her children.

“She was well aware that the Queen had the constitutional right and authority under common law to take control of both boys’ care and education,” Hodgson wrote, as quoted by Express.

“Therefore, Diana might end up being the boys’ guardian or even appointing one—this would most likely be their father—if she eventually burned all of her bridges with the Royal Family.”

“Queen Elizabeth never intended to keep Diana apart from her sons,” Hodgson went on. But Diana believed that the Queen and Charles “had already hatched such a plot and were just waiting for the right moment to execute it.”

Diana never stopped talking to William, Harry, or her, no matter where she was in the world or how near to home. She called her kids from Paris on August 30, 1997, that same evening.

William and Harry discussed more aspects of their last conversation with their mother in the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, despite Harry’s insistence that he couldn’t recall what they discussed.

All I can remember, though, is that I will always be sorry that our phone talk was so brief. “The things I would have said to my mother if I had known that was the last time I was going to speak to her,” claimed the now-separated Duke of Sussex.

“May I go right now?”

“Now that I think about it, it was incredibly challenging. That will always weigh on me: not comprehending that it was the last time I would talk to my mother, and how different the conversation would have turned out had I known for sure that she wouldn’t make it through the evening.

Prince William could remember a little more of the call’s details. He also won’t ever forget the final, depressing words his mother said to him.

“It was a call from Balmoral that I last remembered.” William remembered that at the time, Harry and I were running around, playing with our cousins, and generally having a blast. “I was so excited to tell Harry, ‘See you later, can I go off?'” If I had known what was about to happen, I wouldn’t have been quite so careless. I can clearly still remember the phone call.

Harry William Diana statue

Thanks to their family’s love and support, William and Harry were able to grow up to be respectable men despite their mother’s terrible death in a car accident. They will carry on their mother’s heritage for a while, maybe forever.

Prince William and Prince Harry attended the dedication of a new bronze statue of their mother in Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden on July 1, 2021, which would have been Diana’s 60th birthday.

“On what would have been our Mother’s 60th birthday, we remember her love, strength, and character – qualities that made her a force for good around the world, changing countless lives for the better,” the brothers said in a statement.

“We hope that this statue will serve as a permanent reminder of her life and legacy. Every day, we wish she were still here.

Princess Diana, I hope you are at peace. Please share this article on Facebook with your friends and family in honor of her!

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