Valerie Bertinelli Opens Up About Hidden Bruises and Mental Health

Valerie Bertinelli recently shared an honest and candid video on Instagram about her mental health and the concept of “hidden bruises.” The video was uploaded on February 12, 2023, and shows Bertinelli walking and talking to the camera while swishing with every stride.

“I’m laughing because I had a little, hidden bruise activated today,” Bertinelli remarked. “That noise you hear is the rubbing of my jeans against each other.” She explained that she had stopped wearing these pants because an ex-boyfriend had made “merciless mockery” of her weight. The sound of the whistling began to remind them constantly of the hurtful comments.

However, when Bertinelli speaks of “hidden bruises,” what does he mean? “Hiding bruises are the effects of emotional, verbal, and mental abuse on a person that others cannot see,” the speaker stated. These bruises are the result of past pain and trauma, which might not be immediately apparent.

Bertinelli disclosed that she is actively trying to recover from these hidden injuries and that she can now laugh at the sound her jeans make. “I kept these jeans in storage forever,” she said. She sees the swishing sound as a representation of her freedom and progress in her healing.

Despite her initial doubts, Bertinelli decided to post the film because she knew that some people would tell her to “let go” and “move on.” She believes that sharing her experiences is essential to her healing and to building a sense of community. “Hello to everyone who can relate to this and feels heard. She remarked, “I’m just another member of your clan.

Bertinelli’s video garnered a resoundingly positive reception, with numerous individuals commending her bravery and resilience. They acknowledged that healing is not a linear process and complimented her on surviving and thriving. One commenter expressed gratitude for Bertinelli’s openness by saying, “Thank you for sharing the concept of hidden bruises.”

Bertinelli’s story has inspired a lot of people, and she continues to be a wonderful role model for resilience and self-care. Her willingness to acknowledge her past suffering and advocate for mental health encourages others to do the same.

If you can relate to the concept of hidden injuries or if you have experienced them yourself, you are not alone. Healing takes time, so it’s okay to share your story and ask for help. Remember that you are capable of success and prosperity.

Watch the video below to learn more about Valerie Bertinelli’s recovery process from her hidden injuries:

The story of Valerie Bertinelli should act as a reminder that individuals may rise beyond their past tragedy and unite to create a community that embraces and supports them.

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