Exclusive family footage. Osmond gave a heartfelt message congratulating her son on his 27th birthday

Marie Osmond, a name that connotes enduring talent and love between family members, has a fulfilling career and a devoted household. Osmond, who is thrilled with her children, recently celebrated a significant family achievement on social media.

Recognized for her close relationship with her family, Osmond paid a moving homage to her son Brandon on his 27th birthday, highlighting their relationship and her pride in the person he has grown into.

Marie Osmond and sons Stephen, Michael, and Brandon | Source: Getty Images

Honoring Brandon’s Development

“Happy Birthday to my amazing son Brandon!” was Marie’s caption for this happy occasion, expressing her love and appreciation for Brandon. I adore you and am very proud of the guy you have grown into. Her audience responded well to her heartfelt message, which expressed the emotions of any mother observing her child’s transition into maturity.


As they celebrated, admirers and followers remarked on Brandon’s good features and expressed amazement at how fast Osmond’s kids had grown. Their sentiments are in line with the widespread perception that time is flying by, especially as kids get older.

Fan's comment about Marie Osmond's son, dated November 24, 2023 | Source: Marie Osmond Instagram
Fan's comment about Marie Osmond's son, dated November 24, 2023 | Source: Marie Osmond Instagram
Fan's comment about Marie Osmond's son, dated November 24, 2023 | Source: Marie Osmond Instagram
Fan's comment about Marie Osmond's son, dated November 24, 2023 | Source: Marie Osmond Instagram

A Mother’s Grief and Introspection

Osmond takes a more loving approach to motherhood than most. She thought of her adopted children and the dynamics of her family with a strong feeling of destiny and purpose:


“They all put in a lot of effort at work, treat each other with kindness, and make a sincere effort to be kind to others.”

Her remarks emphasized the ideals she holds dear and has taught both her biological and adopted children. Osmond continued, saying that even though she has some adopted children, she can’t recall which ones because some of her adopted children resemble her more than her biological children. She made note of:

“I understand why God sent you to me,” I exclaimed.

In her earlier birthday post for Brandon three years ago, she made clear how important compassion and hard work are to her. On her social media, Brandon’s mother Osmond rarely posts anything, but today she shared a picture of her attractive young adult son. Brandon smiled subtly while displaying his beautiful pink hair in the photo.

“Happy birthday to Brandon, our amazing son… Osmond expressed her appreciation for Brandon’s character and her thanks for being his mother in a rare social media post. “There is not a kinder soul on this planet, and I am so blessed to be your mama,” she wrote.

In addition to thinking back on her kids’ accomplishments and joy on their birthdays, Osmond has experienced grief. In 2010, her son Michael took his own life. The singer was still grieving his loss years after he passed away.

Michael, according to her, was the glue holding her family together and the source of joy and brightness in her life. Osmond remembered that Michael was lonely and depressed while attending college, and that he began using narcotics at a very young age.

Just as Michael was getting clean and beginning to feel like himself again, he committed suicide. But he was isolated and alone. He told his mother over the phone that he was alone and didn’t have any pals. Osmond remembered, “It was the first time I heard him start to cry.”

The singer promised her kid that Monday she will pay him a visit. Michael regrettably missed Monday. He wrote a message explaining his suicide, explaining how he knew that Monday morning would be his last chance to get out of bed, clean his teeth, eat breakfast, make his bed, and put on his clothes. Osmond clarified:

I suppose he had already made that choice. He was in love with his family, but the grief was too great.

Osmond was devastated by his passing, and sometimes it makes it difficult for her to breathe. It also affected the children. Nevertheless, the singer wonders where Michael might have been if he had lived as she looks at her children today.

Osmond eventually had to come to terms with Michael’s passing. When her faith kept her going, she discovered joy in the suffering. Osmond finds the will to go forward because she firmly believes that she will meet her son again one day.

Teaching Morals Above Money

Beyond only providing for her children, Osmond aspires to give them a strong work ethic and perseverance. Osmond is adamant about not leaving her kids an inheritance because she thinks success can be achieved through hard work and determination. She said that when she passed away, her money would support a charity rather than her children.

The singer thinks that if her children are just given wealth, they will become lethargic. Sincerely, why would you encourage your child to not strive for success? She says, “I don’t know anyone who becomes anything if they’re just handed money.” Her stance is a reflection of her dedication to instilling in her kids the virtue of perseverance and the satisfaction that comes from achieving goals.

Osmond went into further detail about her opinions, emphasizing the value of a strong work ethic over entitlements to money. She previously said that giving her kids a sizable inheritance would not be in their best interests because it could rob them of the priceless opportunity to learn the value of perseverance.

Osmond is a deeply committed lady to family, morals, and her loved ones’ personal development, as evidenced by her approach to motherhood and her thoughts on her children’s development.

Her latest birthday letter to Brandon is a monument to the ideals and the eternal bond that unite the Osmond family, rather than just a celebration of age.

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