Students Bought This Old Couch From A Market And Took It To Their Dorm Room

A couch was bought by a group of friends from a Salvation Army store in February. They sensed something strange in the cushions after seeing a movie, and as they looked further, they discovered bubble wrap envelopes with $41,000 in total. They debated how to spend their unexpected fortune at first, but their moral principles won out.

Their attitude of entitlement disappeared when they discovered an envelope with a woman’s name on it, and they made the decision to return the funds. They found the woman and gave her the savings she had been hiding in the couch for more than 30 years, with the assistance of their parents. The woman’s late husband had given her the money so that she could support herself after his death.

The young people thought they had acted appropriately, and in a touching turn of events, the woman gave them a $1,000 gift as compensation for their candor.
This narrative serves as a helpful reminder of the value of moral rectitude and acting morally even when presented with unanticipated opportunities.

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