The daughter builds a gorgeous mobility-friendly tiny home so the elderly mother can live independently

It’s nice to have your family nearby to assist with certain tasks as you get older.

Still, the majority of individuals would rather maintain their freedom and not be completely dependent on them.

To be near her family, an elderly woman by the name of Merle returned to Victoria, Australia.

She desired to live comfortably in her own house, nevertheless.

The task of designing a house for her aging mother was taken on by her daughter Ferne, a tiny house designer.

She has created several exquisite homes, but this one was particularly noteworthy.
It was intended for Mom.

Her mother’s needs were taken into consideration when designing the gorgeous 23.5 x 8 ft house.
The house is quite accessible and mobility-friendly for Merle thanks to its wide doors with ramps.

Merle’s height was taken into consideration when building the kitchen counters.

Any adjustments for Merle’s advanced age were also taken into account in the design.
Handrails bolster the walls in case Merle has to grab onto something to keep her equilibrium.

Ferne’s clever design of the residence took every detail into consideration.
If they decide to relocate or sell, that lovely patio might need to be disassembled.

But it’s difficult to believe they would consider leaving given the breathtaking view the property offers.

Merle will never grow weary of the breathtaking vistas. Like the icing on the cake.
Ferne also made sure that the walls and roof had adequate insulation so her mother wouldn’t have any problems during the winter.

Additionally, screens were put in place to keep insects out.

Remember, this is Australia.

There is a motorized primary screen at the entry ramp.

All Merle has to do to raise or lower it is press a button.

To give Merle’s mother the impression that the interior was all her own, Ferne let Merle choose out the colors and décor.
Her aging mother chose the timber aesthetic.

The house feels larger and more airy as a result.

Ferne built underfloor heating as well because she understood the value of this amenity for senior citizens.

Since Merle’s floor is level and non-slip, she may securely walk wherever she wants to go.

Merle’s bed is one really awesome feature.

During the day, a button push will raise her bed to the ceiling.

The 12-volt battery that powers the motor has channels integrated right into the wall.

The cabinets, which Ferne constructed into the walls, have drawers placed in convenient locations that Merle can easily access.

Even with a walker, Merle finds her house to be easy to navigate. She can easily go to her bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, and she doesn’t have any tension getting there. significant given her age.

The house, according to Merle, is the greatest gift her daughter has ever given her.
In all honesty, Ferne’s work on her mother’s house is her best to date.

It’s an amazing design. Her mom can still go about in style because it’s both stylish and functional.

We couldn’t agree more with Merle and Ferne that everything is perfect.

To see a complete tour of Merle’s creatively built granny pad, click the video below!

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