The old man saved his only friend, a dog, by spending all the money he had accumulated over the years.

May experience extreme loneliness. When the owner is compassionate, a true familial bond is created. In an emergency, a lot of pet owners will do whatever it takes to ensure that their animal companion survives a long, healthy life.

For a retired guy living alone with his devoted dog, this was his life. When the dog unexpectedly passed out during a routine walk, it had been best buddies for 12 years.

The elderly man hurriedly took his beloved dog to the veterinarian, where the staff informed him that the dog would not survive for more than six months and gave him a dismal diagnosis. A challenging surgical procedure might extend the dog’s life, but finding a specialist seemed nearly impossible.

Undaunted, he set out to find the elusive specialist and discovered that not only was he located in Japan, but also that the operation would cost a staggering $50,000. The elderly man had been saving this money for years, yet he didn’t hesitate to use it to cover his pet’s vet bills.

Eventually, the dog recovered completely and went back to running and playing when out for walks. The owner never felt guilty about investing that kind of cash.

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