Actress who played Rizzo in ‘Grease’ comes out of hiding after 20 years and looks unrecognizable

No matter how old they are, everyone on the earth has surely heard the famous story of love between charming Australian transfer student Sandy Olsson and charming Danny Zuko. Nearly 43 years after touching millions of hearts and shattering records as the highest-grossing musical of all time, Grease is still a hit.

It’s incredible how much Danny and Sandy shared—something we all yearned for. The movie’s dance routines left a lasting impression on many of the young people of the era, who began to mimic them. Events that influenced American culture included the prom, the auto races, the mooning incident, and the Grease song and dance.

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta were well recognized superstars who were the talk of the town because of this cultural phenomenon that persisted in being well-known for years after its premiere. Newton-John’s track “Hopelessly Devoted to You” received an Oscar nomination for best original song.

But Grease didn’t just help these two well-known individuals.


Most of you are familiar with Stockard Channing’s portrayal of Rizzo, the disobedient.
When Channing was chosen for the part, she was 34 years old. Today, she is 79 years old.


When she appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s daytime chat program to promote her new West End play of Apologia, many were shocked by how much she had aged and altered.


With the others, Channing discussed Grease, noting how amazing it is that people are still enthralled with it after all these years.

“I’m not really inclined to accept it! I would rather not consider that figure! I am the oldest surviving teenager in the world! “Regarding the success of the musical, she responded, “It’s a little intimidating to walk out of the theater and have people shove selfie sticks in your face.”


Everybody had to say something about the way Channing was looking. She is said to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures by many people.

In what manner had Rizzo hurt her face? One of the remarks was that (sic).

God, on Lorraine, Stockard Channing doesn’t even seem like the same guy. The idea that some people can’t age gracefully is horrifying.

I’m sorry. On @ITVLorraine, Stockard Channing appears to be a little frightening.

How in the world did Stockard Channing injure her face? She doesn’t say much.

More people started talking about plastic surgery in general as well as Channing’s attendance on the talk show after the Mirror published an article on his involvement on the show.

It is regrettable that the majority of women think they need to undergo constant medical operations in order to seem younger. If she hadn’t been forcing herself and used so many fillers, she may have aged so elegantly. She is an amazing woman.

I don’t understand why these celebs worry; shouldn’t they accept becoming older? I see gorgeous women in their seventies and eighties with healthy skin devoid of wrinkles.

Is it any surprise that those with more money than sense fight so hard to maintain a style that was popular forty years ago? Consequently, they appear genuinely menacing. Being 73 years old is not a negative thing, and if more actors and actresses refused to settle for being younger, maybe things would be better.

What are your current thoughts on Rizo?

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