Mom Begs For Help After “Horrifying” Find In The Bathroom

When a busy mother discovered something that had made its way inside her home while cleaning her bathroom, she was quickly put in hot water. She discovered a “nightmare” sight when she moved the bathmat that had been on the floor in front of the shower. Karyina, a mother from Queensland, Australia, was shocked to discover long, stringy, white-colored figures hiding under her bathmat in her bathroom. She took a picture of the strange growths and posted it online to see if anyone could identify what she was dealing with.



Initially, Karyina believed the long, stringy objects to be worms lying under the bathmat. Luckily, none of them started moving at once, or the young mother would have most likely suffered a heart attack. Rather, the issue was somewhat manageable after she realized what she was dealing with.
What then transpired in this bathroom in Queensland? Was there a kind of fungus growing under the bathmat? Was it a plant that, in the absence of any light, had crept under the mat and begun to grow?

The issue was actually far more straightforward than it appeared. According to Karyina, her bathmat just melted into the tile floor, leaving behind rubber strands that resembled live, squiggly worms. She sought out internet assistance for a different purpose after realizing that she was dealing with rubber fragments rather than live worms. She wanted to know how to tidy up the mess and restore her bathroom to its original condition.

How would you handle this situation? She enquired. “What can I use to get it off? It’s from a bathmat that melted into the floor.”

The young Australian mother attempted to remove the rubber residue with a scrape, but it proved to be difficult to remove. Fortunately, there were plenty of people on the internet volunteering their assistance. However, some people were unable to look past the rubber strands’ worm-like appearance.

One woman said, “I had a heart attack for a minute there because I thought that was f***ing worms.”

“Did anyone else panic, believing it to be some kind of worm?”
“Lord, I thought that was worms,” another person said.

Eventually, cleaning professionals suggested to the young mother to apply “goo remover,” such as Goo Dissolver or Orange Power Sticky Spot, according to Daily Mail.

“Oh no, please do yourself a favor and purchase goo remover at Bunnings. It works incredibly well on any sticky surface! in particular that! The kettle’s steaming hot water should be helpful.

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