Father commits an act of generosity for this elderly woman at the grocery store

Though many of us would prefer to think that we would always act morally, this is rarely the case.

While it may make you feel horrible to witness someone else in need, not many people would intervene to assist them.

But this father actually did just that.

When Ryan O’Donnell accomplished something amazing, he was out grocery shopping with his two small children.

Ryan was in his hometown of Australia with his sons when he noticed that the old woman in front of them in line was having difficulty using the cash register.

Her credit card was refused no matter how many times she or the cashier swiped it. The woman appeared to have no alternative means of covering the cost of her meager grocery purchases.

Disturbed by the thought of her disappearing without her groceries, Ryan took out a $50 cash from his wallet to reimburse her for her $44 buy right now.

The elderly woman attempted to ask Ryan how she could repay him for his compassion, but she was overcome with emotion. Ryan wished her luck and reassured her not to worry.

Ryan had no idea that someone else in the store had taken a picture of his nice deed. A photo was taken and uploaded to the internet. The message gained a lot of attention right away, as many people were moved by the man’s generosity.

Ryan responded, “I did what my parents taught me—to help others when I could,” when a local reporter questioned him about why he chose to intervene and assist a stranger.

“In actuality, it was just that the woman made me think of my mother and grandmother, and that’s how my parents raised me,” he remarked.

“To the best of your ability, assist where and when you can.”

Ryan has inspired a lot of people, and the majority of us will probably try to follow in his footsteps in the future!

It makes us think about what the world would look like if everyone could be a bit more like Ryan.

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