Man revitalizes abandoned cabin in the woods that’s been vacant for over 100 years

A resourceful man going by the handle “99 Projects” has been purchasing damaged heavy-duty construction equipment and mending it himself on his YouTube channel.

He has already purchased a road grader, a chainsaw, a tractor, a dump truck, an excavator, and a bulldozer.

You also wouldn’t believe what he recently purchased.

He bought an ancient, deserted cabin in the woods that had been there for more than a century!

This man takes such big chances.

Who in their right mind would purchase an old house in the midst of the woods, much less one that has been unoccupied for more than a century?

Renovating a house involves more than just rebuilding it, according to those who have done it before.

If you ever want to tackle house remodeling as a project, there are other aspects to take into account that are just as crucial as the renovation process itself.

Fortunately, this man is knowledgeable and experienced enough to know exactly what he is doing.

The cunning man took a brief look around and saw how badly his recently purchased home was damaged both inside and out.

Without wasting any time, he got his job underway by securing a decent outside workspace for himself.

Having a decent outside workspace would be very beneficial to him when he starts his project. It will also expedite the process in some way because he will find it simpler to enter and exit the house with a large workspace.

He took advantage of his little excavator to bring down a few trees outside. Subsequently, he proceeded to remove all antiquated and decaying elements from the house, preserving only its framework.

However, he soon discovered something strange: the floor wasn’t level.
He went back down and made the necessary repairs, adding more floor joists and support to maintain a level and stable floor.

A proposal was posted in the comments area by a YouTube viewer.

“When I saw you tearing up the interior first, I was a little concerned, but I believe you paused, thought it through, and started in the basement, leveling the floor. Before leveling the joists and bearers, I would start with the piles and make sure each one is level throughout the house and sturdy on a strong base. This will level the entire building, and, very unexpectedly, you’ll discover that doors and windows will open and close without sticking. After fixing the top and bottom, I would proceed to repair the roof until it is totally waterproof, at which point you can go on to the interior. Make every attempt to bring life back into this charming ancient cabin.
And for some reason, so did another viewer.

“He must first have the foundation inspected, then all of the primary support beams supporting the walls and lower floors, and finally the main support beams supporting the roof. Those will probably need to be strengthened or replaced. The house might need to be leveled again for him. It will essentially be necessary to tear down and rebuild the porch and roof. You can use a visual way to examine your home for leveling: see how all of the windows and doors open and close, and whether they fit correctly inside their frames. Your house is fairly level if all of your windows and doors close equally within their frames.

It appears that his subscribers can also assist him by lending their knowledge and years of building experience.

Excited to find out what comes next? Then you should view the first segment of this home improvement project by watching the video below.

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