She downsized to a cute tiny cottage in a Tiny Home Village

Following her husband’s unexpected death, Melody made the decision to reduce her spending and downsize. She discovered the ideal miniature

Home, which she lovingly christened her Tiny Castle, and now lives in a Tiny House Village surrounded by other like-minded people.

Additionally, her expenses were reduced, and she is now financially stress-free.

She’s made some really wise choices, and her house is beautiful. Her home appears to be “bigger” when the interior “stuff” that so many people tend to fill their spaces with is reduced. She has been intentional with the interior decorating, which is one of the reasons this property looks so lovely. Simply beautiful!

Additionally, melody adorns the ITH model residences. She is skilled at creating in a variety of styles and has a fantastic sense of space and design. She has a lot of talent, and her wide smile is adorable! She is a blessing to ITH! Melody, happy new year!

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