Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had a big surprise.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton will have four children total after their first child is born.

Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston Lowe are Gwen’s three kids born since their 2015 wedding. She was married to Gavin Rossdale before.

For the first time, the link between Zane Lowe and his older sister Daisy Lowe is formal as the latter is also expecting her first child. Considering the great degree of anticipation, it makes sense that the entire family is looking forward to the newborn.

The biological father of the sons of Gwen Stefani and her partner Blake Shelton is the newest addition to the Rossdale family, and Gavin is thrilled to welcome him.

Gwen StefaniHe has been an integral part of raising all four of the children in Los Angeles, and because of their close bond, he travels to see Daisy in the UK whenever possible.

Gavin, Blake, and Gwen put in a lot of effort to give their children the greatest upbringing possible.

Jordan and Daisy Saul shared the exciting news that they were expecting a child in October 2022, along with a gorgeous black-and-white photo of Daisy showing off her growing tummy.

In her post, Daisy shared her thoughts on the news, saying, “We’re very pleased to be adding a new addition to our family!”

We are incredibly grateful and eager to begin this new journey. I’m experiencing a wide range of feelings, including terrible morning sickness, excitement, joy, and a hint of worry.

Gavin will be a grandfather for the first time, and he is sure his sons will look forward to raising their own grandkids.

Given that Daisy is from her father’s nation, it is not unexpected that large crowds of people descend on her house to honor her and share in her celebration.

Gavin took beautiful photos of all four of his children to celebrate the additions to his family. Every photo showed the child’s development over the course of the preceding 12 months.

Daisy was sobbing when she saw her beloved father’s Father’s Day photos when she was in Los Angeles.

He wrote a statement expressing his love for Daisy and his other family members, which included his trustworthy horse Apollo and his loving dog Chewy.

She cried as she thanked him for the wonderful days she had shared with him; her words reverberated forever, like the unending sea.

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