I Was Left in Tears When I Went to My Fiancé’s House for Christmas

A woman purchased the most expensive gift for her fiancé and endearing ones for the others during their first Christmas together. When she discovered his family had prepared eighteen gifts for her, she was thrilled with delight. But when she opened them, her face was filled with tears and she felt instantly discouraged. What caused this feeling to arise?

Many people look forward to the holidays, especially Christmas, as a time to spend with their loved ones, whether they be family or friends. It’s a time to give thanks to the loved ones who are the foundation of one’s existence.


People gather to celebrate their familial ties during this joyous time, delighting in each other’s company and exchanging warmth and laughter. The custom of exchanging gifts turns into a sincere expression of gratitude and love—a concrete means to convey how much we respect and admire the people in our lives.One woman was excited and happy about the prospect of celebrating her first Christmas with her fiancé and his family. She was excited, like many others, to establish enduring memories and customs with her new extended family. She had no idea that the happy event would take a surprising turn, leaving her sobbing throughout her first Christmas with her fiancé’s family.


First Christmas with Fiancé’s Family for the Woman
An anonymous female user shared her story on the “AITA” subreddit on December 31, 2022. The woman’s first Christmas visit to her fiancé’s house was that year; normally, they celebrate at her family’s house.

She laughed along with them, thinking it was only a joke and that the gifts will be different from then on.In an attempt to leave a lasting impression, she picked up a somewhat pricey gift for her fiancé, “Dan,” making sure it fit with his interests. She tried to show her thought for Dan’s parents by carefully selecting presents based on their prior discussions. As a festive gesture of kindness, she chose to give a little pack of chocolates to the members of her extended family with whom she was less familiar.


What Was the Woman’s Response to Her Christmas Present?
The woman didn’t expect to receive a ton of gifts from Dan’s relatives given her little acquaintance with them, but she definitely expected more than what actually happened. She was first thrilled to see a large stack of gifts marked for her, but her excitement soon faded when she opened the first one to find only a bit of coal.She laughed along with them, thinking it was only a joke and that the gifts will be different from then on. To her dismay, though, the eighteen gifts she opened revealed nothing but identical lumps of coal.

The woman was so disappointed that she lost control of her feelings, which resulted in tears and a heated argument with Dan. Dan calmly explained that this seemingly out-of-the-ordinary gift-giving was actually a long-standing family custom.According to him, it’s a peculiar custom exclusive for guests celebrating their first Christmas with the family. He reasoned that this method relieved the burden of choosing a fitting present for the newcomer, making it easier for family who are not familiar with them to contribute.


He also reassured her that it was meant to be a fun and light introduction for the newbie, highlighting the family’s distinctive brand of Christmas humor. The woman told Dan how frustrated she was and how she couldn’t believe she missed her own family’s celebration because of what had happened. Disappointed, she made the decision to go.

But Dan and other of his family members inundated her phone with texts, claiming that her leaving had embarrassed her in front of the family and made things difficult for everyone. The woman looked for an internet opinion, wondering if her reaction was incorrect.


The Response on the Internet
Online, the woman’s Reddit account received a tonne of support, with most commenters taking her side. Let’s examine a couple remarks that are noteworthy:

How do you feel about this story? Do you believe the woman was right to refuse coal as a Christmas gift, or ought she to have reacted differently?

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