Melissa McCarthy’s Husband of 18 Years Considers Himself a ‘Lucky Fella’ despite Wife being Criticized for Her Weight

After eighteen years of marriage, Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, a famous couple, are still going strong.

Although his wife is overweight, Falcone considers himself a “lucky fella” in spite of the abuse directed at him.


McCarthy, in response to the disparaging remarks made about her, discovered happiness and a solid support system in Falcone and their two kids.

In Hollywood, 53-year-old Melissa McCarthy is regarded as a comic legend. Her unmatched sense of humor and comedic skills have never failed to light up the screen and surprise viewers in every acting role she has landed.


McCarthy is not only a well-known actress on screen, but she is also widely recognized for her vivacious and charming lifestyle, which she leads without hesitation. Honestly, McCarthy has always followed her own path when it comes to Hollywood ideas like Tinseltown stars needing to live up to unattainable beauty and lifestyle standards.

The “Bridesmaids” actress talked about how she has accepted growing older in a prior interview. The gentle and thoughtful star was unaffected by aging when she hit her forties, saying, “Being in my 40s is such a great relief.” I’ve never known myself better than I do today. I don’t give a damn about how people perceive me. People that disagree with what you’re doing will always exist.

McCarthy acknowledged that she is getting older and wiser, which helps her toss aside hurtful remarks made about her. The actress feels that striving for perfection should not be the goal of success; she says, “I’ve always said, ‘You don’t have to be perfect to be exceptional.”

The fiery and self-assured performer is no stranger to being the target of hate when it comes to external pressure to be and seem the best. McCarthy has endured hurtful remarks about her appearance, particularly in relation to her weight, for a long time.

McCarthy, however, takes it all in stride and says she feels horrible for individuals who are obsessed by hate since it must imply they are in a terrible position in their lives. McCarthy is not upset or saddened by what has been said.

McCarthy chooses to concentrate on her joyful life and the people who bring her joy, including her devoted husband of eighteen years, fellow comedian Ben Falcone, and their two daughters. “Every day, when my kids and husband moon me and sing me songs, I laugh uncontrollably.”

McCarthy’s devoted husband and she got married at The Groundlings theater more than 20 years ago, and they’ve been together ever since. She claimed that she was drawn to Falcone’s act even though she secretly thought he was odd and eccentric.

In an earlier interview, McCarthy extolled Falcone’s virtues and expressed her appreciation for his tremendous generosity and strength in their girls’ lives.

McCarthy added to her list of Falcone’s admirable traits that make him an excellent husband by stressing the value of finding someone who brings out the best in people—something Falcone does for her. “He makes me gut-laugh, like crazy gut-laugh, four or five times a day,” she gushed, swooning over her husband. I’ve struck gold!

Fundamental tenets of the couple’s home include humor, acceptance, positivism, enjoyment, and the capacity to laugh at oneself. Despite their celebrity status, McCarthy and Falcone are quite grounded people.

This was demonstrated by the way they commemorated their 13th wedding anniversary: “We had a very romantic evening at our house…and we just ate hamburgers.”and I handed him a senior citizen’s phone, the actress stated.

Falcone thinks the world and more of McCarthy, and he handed his wife exquisite rings in return for the senior citizen’s phone.

He posted a flashback photo of his loving wife and themselves at a friend’s wedding on Instagram two years ago on her birthday. He said, “I’m such a happy dude to be married to someone who is so gorgeous, intelligent, caring, and hilariously wacky. I love you and happy birthday, Mooch!

Falcone’s stunning and humorous wife is also a devoted mother figure to her two cherished daughters, Georgette and Vivian. While her younger sister was born in 2010, Vivian was born in May 2007.

McCarthy talked on how she had raised her children with the correct principles and helped them to stand up for themselves and distinguish between good and wrong.

McCarthy, the “Tammy” actress, opened out about her experience as a mother after welcoming her second child. McCarthy acknowledged that she was a bad pregnant woman and that she was tired, far from characterizing herself as one of those women who constantly talk about what a miracle birth is and how wonderful it is to become a mother.

She had previously mentioned that her numerous current projects at the time contributed significantly to her weariness, but the reality was that her rigorous work schedule prevented her from getting even a small amount of sleep. She also talked about her weight gain after giving birth to Georgette and how it affected her journey to lose weight.

She desired to reduce her weight, but not in order to meet Tinseltown’s standards of beauty, but rather in order to get healthier. Being acutely aware of the negative impact Hollywood’s ideal of beauty has on women, McCarthy places a high premium on making sure her daughters are concentrating on the appropriate things, such as being authentic.

Their powerful mother has raised Vivian and Georgette to be responsible, confident, and caring. Maintaining open lines of contact with their children is something that both McCarthy and Falcone strive to do.

Vivian and Georgette’s parents are quite watchful of them now that they are teenagers, particularly when it comes to social media.

McCarthy shared some advice with them in an interview she conducted a few months back: “We’re always kind of reminding them, ‘Keep this in perspective.'” This isn’t true. I keep reiterating that this is entertainment, smoke, and mirrors.

McCarthy said that when it came to raising her girls, she was a tad bit more rigid. The parents, however, strike a healthy balance between having fun and paying attention to what matters most.

Regarding the subject of whether Vivian and her younger sister intend to pursue careers in acting like their parents, McCarthy responds that while she can see it occurring given their creative qualities, she would never pressure them to do so. McCarthy wants her daughters to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams, not to be forced to do otherwise.

McCarthy talked on how she had raised her children with the correct principles and helped them to stand up for themselves and distinguish between good and wrong.

The actress is sure that her daughters will succeed and rule the world in whatever they do, even if she stated she wouldn’t allow herself to acknowledge that the day will come when they will leave their nest.

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