Star of “My Three Sons,” Dawn Lyn, was hospitalized and is currently fighting for her life with her husband by her side.

This well-known young actress is facing certain death. We must offer prayers.

Dawn Lyn, the former child actor best known for the television series My Three Sons, has been battling for her life following her collapse during brain surgery, according to her former co-stars.

Stanley Livingson and Tina Cole first shared Dawn’s poor condition on social media.

After information spread, Lyn’s brother Leif Garrett confirmed the claims to be true.

Dawn, his sister, “never wanted anyone to know about the procedure,” he continued. “Since it has been made public on social media, I would really appreciate everyone’s understanding, as it has already been a difficult period due to the recent deaths of our cousin and parents. Just keep in mind to honor our family’s privacy and to pray for my sister. I am appreciative.

According to a Garrett representative, Dawn’s family will not be making any more remarks about her health.

Chip Douglas, who played Lyn’s brother on the program, was one of the people that talked about Dawn’s health.

“Just found out my little TV Sis’, DAWN LYN (Dodie), is in a coma and struggling for her life,” he said a few days ago.A brain tumor was surgically removed from her recently.

Please continue to pray for her speedy and full recovery. A few months back, Dawn and I had lunch together. It was good to look back on our MTS days with nostalgia. Among the most generous individuals I have ever encountered. We are also thinking and praying for her husband, John, at this moment. This is awful to hear.

Saying, “She is still fighting meningitis while unconscious,” he updated the post later. Her vital signs and brain waves are in good condition. The medical team is working hard to combat the bacterial infection. They are hopeful.

When Dawn assumed the lead role in the last three seasons of My Three Sons, which at the time became a huge hit, she gained notoriety.

Dawn continued to work as an actress for many more years after the show concluded.

While her condition is still critical, her family and her 16-year spouse, William John Reese, remain at her side in hopes and prayers.

We are praying for Dawn and her family. We wish for a speedy recovery for her.

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