Young mom overcomes huge odds, gives birth to miracle triplets

Becki-Jo Allen and her infant daughter Indiana lived safe, contented lives in England.

However, Becki-Jo began to feel nauseous one day and suspected she might be pregnant once more.

When it was discovered, she was in fact pregnant triplets! But more shocking than that statement was in store when it came time to introduce them. The probability of what happened occurring are as high as 200 million to 1. This is because what happened was extremely rare.

Becki-Jo lives in England with her daughter Indiana, not far from Liverpool. Their lives were quiet until one day, when Becki-Jo began to question whether something was happening inside her body. She began to feel ill to her stomach.

“I had been being really sick and having a really bad headache so I booked an early scan and that’s when I found out I was expecting triplets,” Becki-Jo said to the Liverpool Echo. The biggest shock of my life, that was!

“It was totally unexpected because our family doesn’t have any triplets.”

Understandably astonished, the mother was overjoyed to hear the news. Three were to have Indiana as their big sister! Becki-Jo tried to psychologically prepare herself for the responsibility of bringing three children into the world and received a lot of support from her loved ones.

However, Becki-Jo had issues at week 31 of her pregnancy and was sent to the hospital immediately. There, she had a Caesarean section to deliver her triplets. They were very little because of the preterm nature of their births.

Rocco, the smallest of them, was only three pounds. His brothers only weighed a little bit more.

All three were admitted to intensive care for six weeks due to their size.

Triplet pregnancies are dangerous, and the survival of all three fetuses is not common.

The three Becki-Jo had, nevertheless, proved to be fighters. With every day that went on, they all got better, gained weight gradually, and acquired strength.

The boys were eventually allowed to return home after nearly a year and a half in the hospital.

Even though she had problems telling her boys apart, Becki-Jo herself was now certain that they weren’t the same.

However, as they became bigger, people still had trouble telling which one was which. People would stop Becki-Jo on the street and just ask questions!

So, the mother made the decision to look into the situation more thoroughly and got in touch with a lab to assist in doing DNA testing on the three brothers.

The findings demonstrated the brothers’ genetic similarity. The likelihood of such occurring can reach an astounding one in 200 million.

It is said that the use of test tubes and hormone stimulation has raised the likelihood of having triplets. Being genetically similar is still very uncommon, though.

People constantly stop us while we’re out and ask whether we’re identical, so we never get anywhere quickly.

“Because I was told that during my pregnancy, I was always convinced they weren’t.”

The family utilizes a lot of resources, as would be expected. According to Becki-Jo, the washing machine is supposedly running almost nonstop.

The family utilizes a lot of resources, as would be expected. According to Becki-Jo, the washing machine is supposedly running almost nonstop.

And now observe how large they have grown!

It goes without saying that this cute family gets a lot of attention when they are out and about.

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