The hairiest girl on the planet decided to remove the hair from her face. Here is how she looks today

At a comparatively young age, Supatra Sasufan was included into the Guinness Book of Records. However, it was not any unique skill or athletic aptitude that had brought her there—rather, it was the hair all over her body. She was regarded as the hairiest girl in the world.

She fought this condition for many years, as did the child’s parents. Unfortunately, there are currently no alternatives for such dense undergrowth. The girl’s reaction to the laser hair removal treatment was not good. That’s why her hair grew thicker and faster.

At school, the child endured constant bullying from other students. Despite this, she asserts that she has many friends that treat her well in general.

She’s learnt how to deal with her strange behavior now that she’s seventeen years old. The girl does not want to adopt her spouse’s name even though she is married.

Online, their first group photos have already surfaced. Other people’s responses were complimentary to her. The teenager’s current appearance requires her to shave her face on a regular basis.

We give our strength and endurance to Supatra. I’m sure that everything will turn out well for her.

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