Family constructs beautiful greenhouse around home to keep it warm all year long

Generally, there isn’t much you can do about all the associated problems when you reside in a place with frigid temperatures.

But a pair from Sweden came up with an extremely clever fix.

Sustainable living has been redefined by Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto in the center of Stockholm’s warm climate.

Their inventive and environmentally conscious home is encased in a greenhouse.


This amazing home is a living, breathing environment that was inspired by architect Bengt Warne’s Naturhus concept.

Once a simple vacation home, the Granmar-Sacilotto residence has been transformed into a year-round sanctuary.

Even in Stockholm’s bitter cold, the house’s enclosed greenhouse generates a microclimate that considerably warms the interior.


When it’s cold -2°C (28°F) outside, this creative design allows temperatures inside to surge to a comfortable 15-20°C (59-68°F).

This design is elegant because it is straightforward and effective.
The greenhouse doubles the amount of space in the house, giving plenty of room for a luxuriant garden.

Here, the family creates a small-scale agricultural wonderland in their home by growing fruit scarce in Sweden, like cucumbers and figs.

The distinction between indoor and outdoor living is blurred when a home and the natural world are integrated, producing a singular, peaceful environment.

The couple’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond controlling the temperature.
Their house is an example of self-sufficiency, complete with an autonomous sewage system that Sacilotto, an engineer, created.

This system, which incorporates a toilet that separates pee, recycles and treats water using natural processes seen in garden ponds and centrifuges, so emulating a closed-loop ecological cycle.

In addition to providing warmth, the greenhouse doubles as a place for their son to play and a place to grow food.
The roof was taken off to create room for the greenhouse, but it is now a sunny patio that is great for entertaining and leisure time with the family.

This makeover demonstrates how flexible and multipurpose living areas can be.

The warmth of the greenhouse does not make the Stockholm winter any easier.
Inside temperatures might drop on the coldest days, requiring more heating and insulation.

This actuality demonstrates how ecological techniques and the requirement for traditional luxuries in harsh climes can coexist peacefully.

The waste and water management systems in the house are the foundation of its sustainability.
The family treats home wastewater with an advanced, chemical-free method and gathers rainwater for irrigation.

This system is a perfect example of their strong dedication to lessening their environmental impact.

Sacilotto stated to Fair Businesses:

“It’s actually a philosophy of life, to live in another world, not just to use nature, the sun, and the water.”

They also have an inventive stance on waste.
The house has a composting system that enhances the garden by converting human waste and food scraps into nutrient-rich soil.

Their sustainable existence is based on this cycle of regeneration and reuse.

Despite all of their accomplishments, the couple believes there is still more to be done on their road toward ecological harmony and self-sufficiency.

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