Farmer Finds Hundreds Of Strange Eggs In His Crops – But When They Hatch, He Bursts Into Tears

Farmer Jacks felt his heart rush and his pulse quicken as he watched an extraordinary thing happen in front of him. Now, the extraordinary embraced everyone with an exhilarating grip in a world where the ordinary governed his farm.

There was a discovery under the earth that his shaking hands would eventually have to unearth—one unlike any other.


The incredible scene in front of Jack, his wife Bonnie, and their daughters Mary and Gisele left them speechless. The cornfield, which was a verdant greenery a week prior, was now lifeless and strangely silent.


The mystery grew as they looked out over the dead field where corn stalks had previously waved gloriously. An incomprehensible multitude of eggs, confounding logic and imagination, lay dispersed in their place. What had happened in their once-comfortable haven?

The eggs quivered, as if they were about to hatch. What kind of animal could possibly inhabit that space? Under the roar of his tractor, Jack remained steadfast in his resolve to destroy them. He was not an idiot.


His once-flourishing cornfield had turned to mush and these strange eggs had appeared in their place. The connection was obvious, therefore he didn’t need to be a genius. There was some connection between his ruined crop and these peculiar eggs. However, how?

He heard a loud scream as soon as he started the engine. Mary and Gisele, his daughters, jumped in front of the mechanized beast, using their bodies as a human shield to protect the lives who were in danger. With a glare of determination, their eyes begged their father to think twice before acting. How could he be so heartless as to put these developing animals’ potential out of their misery?


The tension in the room increased as Jack thought through his options. A few heartbeats of unnerving silence reigned. Then, in an unexpected and thrilling surprise, he made a suggestion that utterly startled them.
Jack had always thought of himself as a routine man. He was an unassuming man who had grown up on a farm. He shared a small rural farmhouse with his spouse and their two kids, Marion and Giselle. Jack was a dedicated farmer who was quite proud of the job he did. Since he could remember, he had been taking care of his crops and livestock, but he had never encountered anything exactly like what was going to happen.

Jack liked to learn about innovative farming methods, explore the nearby fields and forests, and spend time with his family during his free time. He cherished the routine that he followed every day. Every day, he got up early to take care of his responsibilities before going to bed. But nothing happened as planned on this particular day in his routine. It wasn’t like that this morning.


Jack awoke from his sleep in the soft embrace of dawn, his mind heavy with expectation. With cautious and quiet movements, he slipped into his overalls, taking care not to disturb his wife’s undisturbed sleep. He knew that while she was dreaming, she would soon wake up and work her culinary magic to prepare a hearty meal for the family.

Something unexpected occurred just as Jack was going outside to start feeding the animals as per his usual. What noise did you hear? Jack noticed an odd noise coming from outside the kitchen while he was in there. He was unable to see where it was coming from because it was still dark outside, but he realized right once that something was wrong.

Jack had never heard anything like the weird sound before. A terrifying symphony beyond anything he had ever heard. It caused him to feel a sense of unexplained discomfort, with every note tugging at his very being. Trapped to the kitchen floor, he struggled to figure out where the ghostly melody was coming from when he felt a wave of terrifying panic take hold of him.

His wife, Bonnie, emerged from the shadows like a ghost. With her breath a ghostly whisper against his shoulder, she snuck up behind him and let out a fun, high-pitched scream. The room echoed with their laughing. Nevertheless, Jack’s heart continued to gallop with unease beneath the surface. What was the sound that he’d heard moments ago? Jack’s concern persisted.

The mysterious sounds had been momentarily muted out by Bonnie’s perfectly timed quip, but Jack was still nibblingly curious. Her surprise had distracted him from his intention to examine the uncomfortable sound, which he was about to undertake.

Amid their mutual chuckles, the sound of tiny feet announced the arrival of their two girls, their faces filled with concern. “Where is Mama now?” “Is she alright?!” One daughter exclaimed, “We heard her screaming!” Jack and his spouse shared a perceptive look, their smiles serving as a source of comfort for the kids. It seemed for a moment that the day would go by in its familiar, reassuring pattern.

After the last bite of breakfast, Jack knew it was time to go outside and take care of his animals. Gulping down buckets of feed, he marched up to the chicken coop.

His chickens were acting strangely, their motions tinted with an unusual uneasiness, as he drew closer to the coop. Their feathery bodies seemed to be shaking with terror as they paced tensely inside their prison. Jack felt their anguish; there was a tangible tension in the air that made his spine tingle. What could have caused his beloved sheep to become so anxious?

Jack’s pulse pounded upon realizing that one of the chickens had vanished from its designated spot, and his gaze flitted about the coop. He was looking around frantically when he saw a small clump of feathers on the ground, and he stopped suddenly. A shiver went through his body. “No, no, no, no,” he exclaimed.

Jack was well aware of the implications of this concerning finding. He ran back inside, a sense of urgency in his stride, to get a towel and a box—the temporary home for the dead bird that had once adorned his property. He was overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation, experiencing a mixture of shock, grief, and anxiety over the unidentified threat that appeared to be approaching.

Jack struggled to understand why the once-vibrant chicken had died. He was puzzled by its abrupt demise. Just the day before, there had been no indication of any illness. How is this possible to occur? And how on earth had it broken out of the coop’s walls? A wave of dismay, confusion, and horror rose inside him with every unanswered query.

Jack observed that the pigs were making more noise than normal while he continued to do his chores. Their booming grunts accentuated the eerie atmosphere that had descended upon the farm. The unusual happenings on his formerly peaceful farm continued to worry Jack more and more.
After Jack fed the pigs, they quieted down for a while. Nonetheless, he continued to sense that something odd was going on at the farm. He couldn’t help but wonder what more he may find out. Jack saw the strange thing happening on the field behind his pigs, but at first he didn’t notice it.

All of a sudden, the mysterious sound struck the farm again, its eerie resonance echoing through the air. Jack strained to hear where the strange sound was coming from. The odd sound was loud and easy to hear, so it was obvious that it was nearby. But it was a strange noise, like the cry of some creature he had never heard of.

“What might this enigmatic creature be?””How did it manage to stay hidden up until now?” and “Why has it come so close to my home?” “And what does my family’s and my farm’s presence mean?” Jack had a lot of questions on his mind.

But his schedule was so packed that he had little time to second-guess himself. Jack took care of his livestock and then went to the barn to get his tractor ready for the big day. It came time to gather in his harvests, corn first. After starting the tractor, he opened the barn doors. However, he was unaware of what was happening beneath the machine he was about to control.

Just as Jack was about to move further, he was stopped in his tracks by an abrupt, sharp cry. Mary was the one. “Stop, Dad! Something is lying on the ground close to the tractor. She pointed to the tractor’s wheels, her voice trembling with anxiety. She was instantly terrified at the sight of whatever it was, her wide-eyed countenance reflecting her worry.

With his own fear mounting with every second that went by, Jack instantly killed the tractor’s engine and leaped down to find out what was causing his daughter’s distress.

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