Say that this scene is really great. Deer and beautiful flowering trees

Animals and the natural world are our planet’s greatest resources. In order to protect the animal kingdom for future generations, it is incumbent upon humans to take care of it. The era of zoos has ended. The government is looking for different ways to preserve animal species. Such a decision gave rise to national parks and nature reserves. Humanity has always recognized the necessity of establishing protected spaces.

The Sri Lankan legislation from the third century BC is regarded as the original legislation pertaining to the creation of a protected natural area. The industrial revolutions brought about a drastic alteration in the planet’s initial appearance, which prompted the creation of a great deal of national parks and reserves. Reserves are not the same as National Parks, which are established mainly to highlight the distinctive characteristics of their visitors. Visitor access to national parks is permitted, and limited commercial activity is permitted, in contrast to reserves where human activity is nearly entirely forbidden.

There is a special deer park in Japan where the animals can walk about in their native environment. The cherry trees that are planted all around the park bloom in the spring, making the area even more lovely. It is situated in Nara, a city where deer are revered as sacred creatures. For over a millennium, the citizens of the city have been adhering to this regulation.

One mythology holds that the first Japanese emperor descended from heaven on a mythological deer, from which all local artiodactyls are descended. Purchasing wholesome and fulfilling food for them is the only thing permitted. Currently, Nara is home to 1,200 sluggish, well-fed deer that wander the city’s streets in herds. Japan’s Buddhist capital is now Nara. The imperial command was followed in the construction of temples and monasteries here. When the emperor’s court was relocated to Kyoto at the end of the eighth century, the Seven Temples of Nara (Nanto City Daiji) continued to hold sway over the nation’s religious landscape. It’s interesting to note that the major shrine of the goddess Inari was established at about the same time, a little to the north, and is now home to hundreds of dazzling torii gates.

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