Student says he’s too smart for first grade. This is the principal’s response Student claims first grade isn’t challenging enough due to his intelligence

Education is more than just memorizing facts; it’s about training the mind to think.

Unfortunately, too often our educational system does not foster creativity in pupils or provide them the freedom to think freely.

The joke that follows is meant to make you laugh, but it also conveys a lot about the values that education ought to foster: inventiveness, curiosity, and the odd belly laugh.

Johnny, a first-grader, was uninterested in the lesson, so his teacher questioned him about the issue.


“I am too intelligent for first grade,” the child retorted. I am smarter than my sister, who is in third grade. Maybe I should be in a different class.

Johnny was then escorted by the teacher to the principal’s office.


Johnny was waiting outside in the corridor when the teacher called the principal to report the incident.

The headmaster told the teacher that the youngster would take a test and that, in the event that he did not do well, he would be returned to first grade in order to learn appropriate behavior.



After being brought in and given the rundown on the test’s requirements, Johnny made the decision to participate.

You inquire, “What is 3 + 3?” with the pupil.

Johnny: “Six.”

Once more, the teacher inquired, “How much is 6 x 6?”

Johnny: “Thirty-six”

Everything the principal believed a third-grader should know was covered in the test.

“I think Johnny can go to third grade,” the principal said, staring at the instructor.

“May I ask him some questions?” the instructor inquired.

“I only have two of what a cow has four of?”

Johnny paused for a moment before saying, “Legs.”

“What is inside your pants that I don’t have?” The instructor went on.

The instructor’s eyes grew clearly big, but Johnny shot back, “Pockets.”

“What happens if someone treads on a dog?” The lecturer went on.

“Pants,” said Johnny.

The teacher said, “What has the letters F and K in it and means great excitement.”

“Fire truck,” said Johnny.

The principal said to the teacher, “Put Johnny in fifth grade; I missed the last four questions myself.”

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