When twin girls are born, they are ecstatic, and the doctor apologizes.

When someone says “I’m sorry,” it usually indicates they are apologizing in advance for something unpleasant. This is one of those things that when we hear it, we should brace ourselves for terrible news!


When someone uses it carelessly, it becomes somewhat of a buzzword since there’s a very high chance that something profound will occur as a result of it.

About six years ago, Jodi Parry and her partner Matt were in the hospital when they heard those words. Their hearts practically lept, fluttered, and missed many beats!

It was their second time around having children, so after having a healthy son, they were happy to welcome two tiny angles, twin girls, into the world. However, they were also rather excited about it!

Unfortunately, though, their happiness would be short-lived, and as the stress increased and the deliveries eventually happened, uncertainty would catch up with them!

The doctor led the couple into a tiny waiting area and began speaking softly to them, warning them that things would go out of control:

“I apologize.”

The doctor explained to Abigail and Isobel that they had been diagnosed with a lifelong disease that would affect them, and the two of them were absolutely taken aback, barely able to comprehend what was happening to them and what it would imply. Syndrome Downward

Despite having a beautiful little boy named Finlay, they had been trying for another child for a while. Mom Jodi believed she was ready for anything when she tragically miscarried shortly after Finlay was born!

Regretfully, even though the doctor’s remarks surprised her, she was unprepared for this!

Jodi claimed that the doctor gave her the news in a way that suggested she would be punished for the rest of her life, rather than emphasizing the words themselves.

Things were looking quite terrible by the time the two children were born early and required a four-week stay in the intensive care unit.

Jodie stated:

I didn’t feel like a mother that day. I was absolutely disoriented and perplexed. I imagined a really gloomy future. We would be caregivers till we passed away, I believed.

From a statistical perspective, Abigail and Isobel are extremely unique as the likelihood of having twins with Down syndrome is one in a million!

According to medical professionals, Abigail was born deaf in one ear and on one side, and Isobel had a hole in her heart.

Even though none of what they were hearing was particularly what they wanted to hear, Matt and Jodi had no choice but to listen and process the information as the situation’s reality set in.

Even more regretfully, virtually little was known about kids with Down syndrome; nobody even clarified that these kids could have regular lives just like other kids and everyone else.

No one really explained to them that their family might actually lead a very regular life together, so they weren’t aware of it for a short period!

This implied that Matt and Jodi were utterly terrified of how things would turn out for everyone.

They had no idea whether their girls would be able to speak or be able to attend school like regular kids!

The family had to learn everything the hard way and take care of everything alone.

While many expressed sympathy and felt bad for the kids, Abigail and Isobel managed to get along just well with a lot of love and compassion from their family members who were closest to them.

Says Abigail:

“The doctor apologized for Abigail and Isobel’s Down syndrome when he led us to a separate room to discuss the results. I’ll never know what he felt sorry about, even now.

We wouldn’t change Abigail and Isobel for the world now, therefore I believe that if I could ever see him again, I would like to show him Abigail and Isobel and ask him, “Why did you say sorry?”

Six years after the daughters’ birth, their ignorance and narrow-mindedness have demonstrated the true prejudices that exist in the world today!

These two kids are undoubtedly excellent illustrations of the idea that every human being deserves a fair shot at life and that every human being is just that—a human being!

Observing this exquisite family, is there any possibility that they are not entirely content? Nobody!

We can draw some significant conclusions from Matt and Jodi’s experiences, including:

No matter what your circumstances, even when society tells you that you are not ideal, you may be far happier than you believe you can be!

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