Dog Is Broken After His Adoption Falls Through, So He Stares At A Wall All Day, Then Something Happened…

According to ilovemydogsomuch, March the homeless Pit Bull was a laid-back and joyful man when he was originally taken off the streets.

This well-mannered and handsome pup was sure to find his permanent home soon, according to the workers at the Philadelphia City Shelter. But March soon discovered that her stay at the shelter had become a terrifying nightmare.

March was not used to sharing cramped cages with other terrified adoptable animals. He started to lose his spark as a result of this psychological toll. The most devastating blow, though, was being turned down by a family who had pledged to adopt him because he wasn’t acting as “playfully” as they had hoped.

When March found out that the family who had adopted him had eventually canceled the adoption and given him back to the shelter, he was devastated. March appeared obviously dejected and defeated after returning to his chilly kennel. He slumped to one corner and refused to look at anyone, just staring hopelessly at the wall.

After learning about March, Dawn Timmeney, a local news reporter, made the terrible decision to post his story on social media. The community was greatly affected by the eerie photos of March in his dejected kennel posture, and that altered the gloomy boy’s life forever!

Following Dawn’s three-day social media campaign, a rescue was offered to take place in March ahead of his scheduled kill list turn. March made his freedom dash out of the shelter, marking a unique moment of victory!

March will receive excellent care from the new rescue, a no-kill group, until he is reunited with his forever family. Despite the happy ending to March’s story, millions more shelter dogs are euthanized because they are unable to adjust or find homes in time. As part of our responsibility, let’s speak up for these poor people. Talk about it.


Watch how March was saved when he was too depressed to face the world by clicking the video below, which shows him as a depressed puppy.

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