“Now She Looks Like a Star!”: The Girl Gave Trendy Makeup To Her 80-year-old Grandmother!

Let me introduce you to Livia, an 80-year-old Croatian lady who became viral on the internet when her well-known makeup artist granddaughter Thea worked her magic. See the amazing metamorphosis that Thea’s outstanding skills and makeup allowed for.

Livia never imagined the fame that would come after she simply asked her granddaughter to apply makeup for her one day.

She had no clue that this would make her a household name across the globe.

Following the success of Thea’s initial makeover session for Livia, the dynamic duo’s global fan base enthusiastically expected more experiments from them.

Be prepared to be amazed by the wonders of cosmetics, as Livia appears to be two decades younger and seems to resist aging.

It’s amazing what makeup and Thea’s talent can accomplish!

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