Katie Couric Opens Up About A Health Issue

Experienced journalist Katie Couric offered guidance and support to anyone struggling with sensitive skin disorders by sharing personal details about her ongoing battle with eczema on Instagram.


The 66-year-old Couric displayed symptoms of eczema flare-ups on both eyelids in a nude photo she shared. Common skin disorders that cause itching and redness include eczema. The former Today host disclosed that while she initially experienced eczema as a child, it has resurfaced in recent years, exacerbating allergic contact dermatitis.

“A call to those of you who have delicate skin!🙋‍♀️I have had eczema since I was a small girl, and as I’ve gotten older, it has begun to flare up again,” wrote Couric. I have to be careful with what I put on my face because it’s safe to suppose that I also have allergic contact dermatitis.

Speaking of the challenges she faced managing her sensitive skin, Couric explained how her search for a workable solution led her to dermatologist Cheryl Lee. By emphasizing how nicely Lee’s remedies treated eczema, Couric pushed them. She encouraged her followers to view Lee’s recommendations and ideas by including a link in her Instagram bio.

“I can’t believe I let my group post this picture. 🥴,” Good Lord, added Couric, emphasizing the vulnerability of talking about personal struggles.

Couric reassured her audience that the eczema flare-up had subsided by the time of her meeting with George Clooney, citing an Instagram photo that was shared on Wednesday afternoon. Despite the momentary difficulty, Couric maintained her composure and humor, stating, “It just flares up a lot and it’s so annoying!”❤️.”

Stars like Michelle Pfeiffer and Kristen Chenoweth flooded the comment section with their condolences and reactions. Those who supported Couric said they were appreciative to her for raising awareness of eczema and for bringing it to light.

Couric’s openness regarding her health is not a recent development. In October, she shared her story of overcoming breast cancer and emphasized the importance of early screening. Couric gave a live demonstration at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala in New York to highlight the significance of timely screenings.

“I’m a live, breathing example of how important early detection and screening are,” stated Couric. Her breast cancer diagnosis in 2022 underscored the need for mammography and further screening for women with dense breast tissue.

Through her campaign for health awareness, Couric is a beacon of hope for individuals facing a variety of health challenges, even beyond her own personal struggles.

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