A Midwest neighborhood built entirely of Sears old “kit houses” is still standing today

Long before internet shopping and same-day delivery became commonplace, Americans encountered a distinct kind of retail marvel.

Back then, large catalogs that included everything from tools to home products were a household staple.


But what would be the most amazing thing to order? a home.

Buying a home was changed by Sears Roebuck in the early 1900s.

Families would excitedly anticipate the delivery of their new home after sending Sears thousands of dollars.

Imagine the excitement when 12,000 house parts arrived by train, ready for the new homeowners to assemble.

Tucked away in Carlinville, Illinois, is a singular reminder of this historical period: a neighborhood made up of more than 150 homes that were ordered from Sears catalogs.

This area is a conglomeration of residences and a dynamic showcase of American heritage and inventiveness.

One of these residences is owned by Ben and Mary, retired educators.

They paid $6,500 for their Sears house in 1962.

There, in the same home that was built for them, they even celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.

Carlinville’s past as a coal miner’s community preceded its growth into a center for Sears homes.

A number of these kit homes were bought by an oil firm in an effort to house its employees.

A 75-page instruction book, hundreds of pounds of nails, and 12,000 pieces were included with each.

The charm and heritage of these Sears homes still draw tourists to Carlinville today from all over the world.

It’s as like you’ve traveled back in time to see the real-life effects of what used to be referred to as “The American Dream in a kit” when you stroll through the neighborhood.

In this community, every house has a tale to tell.

Not simply of the family that constructed and inhabited them, but also of an earlier period of American culture and commerce.

These houses offer an authentic window into the way of living during that era thanks to their distinctive designs and sturdy constructions.

The Carlinville Sears homes serve as a reminder of a bygone era in which the American ideal came preassembled in a box.

They stand for creativity, ingenuity, and the resilient spirit of homeownership in the United States.

A visit to Carlinville’s Sears mansions is essential for anybody interested in architecture, history, or just the allure of a bygone period.

One kit home at a time, this neighborhood perfectly expresses the spirit of early 20th-century America.

Watch the movie below to witness the diminished splendor of these Sears homes—but not forgotten!

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