Couple Built a Tiny Home Community on Their Land


A community of tiny homes was constructed by Chuck and Molly on their North Texas farm. Their two children reside on-site, giving Namastay Hideaway mini-village a homey vibe. Their love story has always included tiny houses. On their first date, Molly’s mobile tiny house was the venue!

They wanted to establish a community but also needed extra space for their growing family after getting married. And they put in a lot of sweat equity to make it happen. The end product is a well-planned, hospitable, and drama-free community.

From a spiritual perspective, which unites all religions and ways of thinking, we both see the golden thread. We did not wish to exclude anyone.

Come join us in our craziness, and bring your weirdness with you. Weird, in my opinion, is a wonderful thing; it’s essentially just being true to who you are and not feeling ashamed of it. Therefore, we aimed to establish that inside a community. Who you worship, who you vote for, and who you love are all irrelevant to us. As long as you treat people with respect and accept them, that kind of stuff doesn’t matter to us.The founders of Namastay Hideaway, Molly and Chuck

Namastay Hideaway is described as a “tiny living community.” They take bus/van conversions, compact RVs, and tiny houses on wheels. On 3.5 acres, there are 20 lots total. Everybody has a moniker that embodies the spirit of the group, such as Enlightened. Every lot also has a number for mail delivery convenience. Every lot features 30 and 50 amp electric hookups, water, and a septic system.

$550 is the monthly lot rent. That covers both the sewer and the water. Residents can access fiber optic internet for an additional $50. There are separate bills for electricity. The on-site features, which include storm shelters, dog parks, community gardens, fire pits, and outdoor dining areas, are available to all homeowners.

“One of Chuck and Molly’s greatest qualities is that they are genuinely wonderful, very considerate individuals. Molly spent several years living in a cramped space. She was aware of its difficulties. Living in a small space can have its risks, such as being unprepared for storms and lacking a safe location to evacuate.

We consider ourselves really lucky to have someone at Namastay who understands the difficulties that tiny house living can present and how to overcome them. It’s a quite straightforward fix. Although there is a lot of work involved, the solution is actually rather straightforward: storm shelters are now available for everyone to use. Since most of us have small living spaces, having a dog park is a terrific way to provide our pets plenty of space to run around.

The people behind Namastay are what make it so remarkable; they put intention and consideration into everything they do, which is one of the really amazing things about it.Tia, the inhabitant of Namastay Hideaway

To find out more, watch the community tour of the small home!

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