For the first time, baby hears his mother’s voice

A Touching Situation

The heartwarming moment when a baby girl heard her mother’s voice for the first time was immortalized in an amazing video back in 2017. The lives of millions of people worldwide have been impacted by this touching and poignant video.

A Whole New Audio Universe

Charly, the young child, was profoundly deaf from birth. She was deaf and had never felt sound until she got a hearing aid. Charly’s mother spoke to her while her hearing aid was turned on, and the small girl’s response was genuinely amazing. When she realized how beautiful her mother’s voice was, tears of delight welled up in her eyes. Her parents will always treasure that wonderful occasion.

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Technology’s Power

This film serves as a monument to the amazing technological developments that have made it possible for people with disabilities to have new perspectives on the world. Hearing aids are an example of an assistive technology that has the power to change lives by empowering users to interact with their environment and participate fully in society.


Spread the Joy

Millions of people have been moved by this touching video. It serves as a reminder of the strength of love, technology, and the human spirit’s resiliency. With your loved ones, enjoy this amazing moment and spread the happiness that comes from seeing this little girl’s amazing journey.


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