Life In The Trees With The Treehouse Masters

The concept of a treehouse has a way of capturing people’s imaginations. For constructors, it’s an opportunity to unleash their imagination and create something fun and daring. The crew at Nelson Treehouse & Supply—better known as the Treehouse Masters from their popular TV show—has been carrying out this task for years. We had the good fortune to visit one of their most recent projects in Seattle, Washington, this past week.

A system of rustic stairs encircles the tree trunk and descends to the ground below, providing access to the treehouse.

The yellow cedar shingles on the treehouse’s façade are a stunning finishing touch. There is lots of room on the spacious porch area to unwind, host guests, and take in the view of the trees.

Entering the treehouse, it’s difficult to remain unimpressed. Despite its small size, the room is well-designed and equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable living. There are many of creative storage options and no room is wasted, much like in a tiny house.

The house feels very robust and sturdy and is quite stable because of the amazing support hardware that was employed during building.

The kitchen is compact but functional, with a microwave, toaster oven, induction stove with twin elements, and a mini-fridge tucked away in the room’s corner next to the entryway.

There’s a couch beneath a big picture window that’s big enough for an afternoon sleep. One of the few things that genuinely reminds you that you are in a treehouse is the view outside the window.

Another tiny balcony area with an outdoor shower is located out the back door. This space is surrounded with metal corrugated paneling for added seclusion. This house does not currently have a toilet installed, however one may install a composting toilet here as well.

The sleeping loft, accessible upstairs by a steel staircase, is roomy and cozy, with ample room to accommodate a queen-sized bed. Additionally, this area has a plenty of storage room for additional blankets, bedding, and clothing.

Naturally, the treehouse must make the most of the special vistas that the elevation offers, and a well-placed skylight above the bed offers breathtaking views of the forest canopy above.

An increasing number of people are looking into intriguing alternative housing possibilities as the tiny house movement gains traction globally. To the list, a treehouse is a fantastic addition. Recently, the Nelson Treehouse and Supply crew launched a YouTube channel to offer tools to do-it-yourselfers who wish to construct their own houses among the trees.

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