Paparazzi photos show what Goldie Hawn, 77, really looks like – and everyone’s saying the same thing

The name Goldie Hawn is one that practically everyone knows. The actress’s incredibly lucrative career has made her a presence in the American media for decades.

Behind the scenes, Hawn has been in a relationship with her actor partner Kurt Russell for forty years (this year marked their 40th anniversary), and they have stayed steadfastly devoted to one another since the beginning.

It’s amazing that neither of them has ever seemed to a foot wrong, given the different temptations and diversion that a life in the spotlight can offer.

Kurt and Goldie’s unwavering commitment to one another is what makes their love so unique—and, let’s face it, so genuine in the public’s eyes. They have never been involved in scandals or PR ploys to take advantage of the locomotive that is public relations, nor do they use their romance as a means of enhancing their famous presence.

Rather, their relationship seems to be a throwback to a bygone era; it’s an uplifting and incredibly pleasant union that serves as a reminder of what true love is all about.

In addition to having mutual admiration for one another, they stand up for one another when the media focuses on them. Actually, Russell stood up for Hawn when some quite unpleasant paparazzi pictures of her surfaced online and she was called nasty things by online trolls.

In one particular picture, she is seen wearing quilted leggings, a black turtleneck, and ugg boots while in Aspen, Colorado. Despite her amazing appearance at 77, most people couldn’t help but remark on how much older she now appears, calling her a “gone too far” and stating she no longer looks like herself.

Hawn has combated ageism in Hollywood by choosing to ignore the remarks, accepting her aging body, and remaining unfazed by the taunts. Russell is also a very supportive boyfriend; Hawn told People that before a dinner date, Russell said to her, “You’re unbelievable.” I am in awe of your [beautiful] appearance.

The couple’s love tale only serves to highlight the strength of love, as they remain as much in love after 40 years. The duo doesn’t let negative public perceptions of their appearances stop them.

Hawn in particular still exudes confidence and grace while accepting the aging process.

What do you think about Goldie Hawn’s appearance at 77 years old? As the trolls say, has she gone too far, or is she aging gracefully? Tell us in the comments below!

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