Paul Harvey’s Terrifying Prediction from 1965

One summer recollection from my early years in the 1970s sticks out above the others. I used to take a midday break from bailing hay for my father, sit under a tree in the shade, and listen to Paul Harvey on my little transistor radio. His voice took me back to a simpler time when my loved ones were still with me, in addition to providing me with entertainment. Oh, how I miss those times!

From 1952 to 2008, the renowned broadcaster Paul Harvey enthralled up to 24 million viewers each week. Newspapers, AFN stations, and a number of radio stations carried his well-known radio program, “The Rest of the Story.” Generations of Americans loved him as a treasure because of his knowledge, storytelling, and—above all—his soothing voice, which could ease any troubled mind.

Harvey’s speech was a life-changing experience. He had the ability to influence our ideas and motivate us to consider life’s lessons. These reflective periods appear to be rare in the fast-paced world of today. Maybe we ought to take a moment more frequently to hear the wisdom that great people like Paul Harvey have to share.

Apart from his work in radio, Paul Harvey authored an insightful piece that he amended several times throughout time. Regardless of how readers understand it, this work resonates with them because it is full of powerful symbolism and reality.

Paul Harvey himself reads an amazingly exact version of the 1996 essay in the audio clip that follows. His statements will cause you to reflect on the future and the society we live in:


The Verdict: Have faith in God

In addition to his skill as a broadcaster, Paul Harvey was a reliable person. Millions of privileged listeners were able to hear “Letter From God,” one of his most famous broadcasts. Permit me to give you a little of it:

God replied, “I need a caretaker,” as he peered down at his imagined paradise on the eighth day. God therefore created farming.

Many others were moved by this sincere message, notably Ram Truck, who used striking visuals to bring Paul Harvey’s stirring “God Made A Farmer” broadcast to life. Relive the wonder of hearing Paul’s voice once more by watching the video below:

If Paul Harvey’s well-known voice moved you as much as it did, think about showing it to a friend. May his thoughts and insight always encourage and inspire.

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