UK’s ‘youngest ever mum gives birth aged 12 with family unaware of pregnancy’

According to sources, an 11-year-old girl who gave birth is thought to be the youngest mother in UK history, and her family was not aware that she was pregnant.

The child, who was 10 years old when she got pregnant, gave birth earlier this month, and the mother and child are doing well, according to the Sun.

According to the publication, social services are currently looking into the pregnancy’s circumstances and contacting her relatives, who were not aware of it.

The Sun was told by a source that “it has come as a big shock.” Now, she has professional assistance all around her. That she and the infant are safe is what matters most.

“There are concerns about the reasons behind people’s ignorance. That is quite concerning.

Tressa Middleton, who gave birth in 2006 at the age of 12, is thought to have been the previous youngest mother. However, she was compelled to give up the kid after admitting the child’s father was her brother, who had sexually assaulted her.

Tressa Middleton was Britain's youngest mum when she had a daughter in 2006

When her daughter was born in 2006, Tressa Middleton became the youngest mother in British history.

When they had a kid in 2014, the mother, then 12 years old, and father, then 13, set a record for the youngest parents.

For girls, puberty typically starts at age 11, though it can vary from eight to fourteen depending on body weight.

When younger children become pregnant, there is a greater chance of complications such as pre-eclampsia, infections, and early labor.

Another girl in the UK gave birth at the age of eleven in a case that was reported in 2017, but no additional information was made public.

Tressa Middleton was Britain's youngest mum when she had a daughter in 2006

Tressa holding her second child in the photo Arihanna expressed her happiness following the issues with her first child.

When Lina Media, a Peruvian girl, gave birth to a child named Gerardo in May 1939, at the age of five years and seven months, she became the youngest mother in history.

When she was brought to the hospital, it was discovered that she was seven months pregnant, despite her parents’ belief that she had a tumor.

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