Brad Pitt is so in love with her that he would get married to her as soon as the chance arises

Beginning in September 2016, the globe followed the former couple’s divorce proceedings as they progressed. The acquired property is still a point of contention between the ex-spouses today. The star is still considering getting married despite having such a terrible experience.


According to rumors, he is currently dating a woman and wants to ask her out because he is so smitten. But not anytime soon. According to those close to him who recently spoke with Us Weekly journalists, he is certain that he is in love with this woman.

He is confident that their connection will endure even though it is still in its infancy. Despite his hectic work schedule, it appears that the couple spends almost all of their free time together. Recall that the actress has faced numerous allegations regarding her volatile attitude on the Internet.

He got to know his new girlfriend in November of last year, and they started dating. Numerous photos of them together have already been shot by the media. He was also able to introduce Ramon to most of his kids, according to testimonies.

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