Cameron Diaz breaks silence after Jamie Foxx rumors – and it confirms what we all suspected

The allegations that Cameron Diaz intended to stop acting after working with Jamie Foxx may now be dispelled because of her recent actions.

Famously, Diaz withdrew from the spotlight for a protracted period of time between 2018 and 2022 in order to make her life “more manageable,” according to accounts.

After a break, Diaz made a spectacular return last year to star in the action comedy Back in Action. She was reportedly tired of constantly filming.

Some reports claim that due of Foxx’s conduct during the shoot, Diaz was resolved to never act again. When word leaked out that Foxx had abused Diaz, there was a lot of uproar. This coincided with the actor’s unexplained illness, which required a prolonged hospital stay.

However, Diaz has now come out and refuted the claims that Foxx was “making everything miserable and that I was never gonna make another movie because of him.” She expressed her shock that somebody would say such a thing.

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 16: On December 16, 2014, in London, England, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz attend the “Annie” photocall at the Corinthia Hotel London. (Image via WireImage / Karwai Tang)

51-year-old Diaze said she detested the criticism that was leveled at their show at the time while listening to the Lipstick on the Rim podcast. You want to scream, “What on earth are you talking about?” aloud.


The Shrek star continued, “Jamie is like the crew’s biggest advocate.” Everyone adores him. His antics usually make us chuckle on stage, and he truly is an expert in his industry.

“Jamie is the finest. That dude is so amazing. He’s so funny, so talented, and such a unique individual.

Foxx, in the meantime, gave a health report this month. In his first public appearance since being admitted to the hospital on December 4, the 55-year-old actor said:

“Thank you to all of you. I have experienced certain things in my life. I couldn’t have done that half a year ago; it’s absurd. Actually, I was unable to walk.

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