Woman turns run-down old chapel into spectacular 3-bedroom home

Which unusual structure have you witnessed being turned into a home? Converting buildings into residences is fascinating not just because it’s a novel idea per se, but also because it requires a lot of ingenuity and skill to create a habitable space around the original use.

Architect Gemma Wheeler is faced with a unique dilemma in this video. How is she going to make a home out of an ancient, abandoned, awkwardly-sized chapel?

Due of the numerous limitations of the challenge, it is not as simple as it first appears.

Initially, Wheeler intended to convert an 80-square-meter space into a three-bedroom house. Churches and chapels have diverse window positions as well.

The windows here are larger and positioned higher than they would be in a typical house or business building. It’s awkward because of the height; in order to gaze out the window, one has to step onto a stool or tiptoe.

Wheeler put forth a few ideas to circumvent that.

She first proposed splitting the house into two stories. She is able to slightly raise the floor and lower the ceiling. However, it also brings with it a fresh issue. No room on the second level will have access to a window under this concept.

Furthermore, the elevated levels meant that the new ground floor of the home would have a lot of empty space beneath it.

The most recent version is far more accurate.

In order to create a new chamber below ground level, she suggests going a little bit more underground. This will function as the primary entryway.

She has you walking directly into the living room. The “ground floor area” is located on a platform directly in front of it.

Since there are no walls dividing the two spaces, light from the windows can readily pour in. There are three more divisions within the area. The kitchen and eating space flank the stairs, which is located in the middle. We think that these common areas, which are well-lit throughout the day, are fantastic.

There are two bedrooms located on the second floor.

The bedrooms take up the maximum amount of space. Personal storage sections and a closet system divide them.

The bedrooms are directly across from the bathroom. One major problem was that there were very few windows in the neighborhood. Wheeler circumvented the problem by converting the bathroom’s roof into a skylight and raising the ceiling all the way up into the rafters to let in an abundance of natural light.

Finally, there is a small bathroom and another bedroom on the upper floor. Similar to the bathroom on the second floor, the room features skylight windows in place of side windows. The sleeping area is substantially more space-efficient because of the closet space that is situated directly next to the entrance.

Overall, the design is effective and simply combines creativity and elegance.

The transition from a single-story house to a three-story building is a remarkable architectural design. This is pure genius. One commenter said.

How uncommon to find an architect with such inventiveness and pragmatic expertise. Absolute delight. I’m grateful. said one more.

What are your thoughts on her design?

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