Surgeon that tried to save Princess Diana’s life gives first ever account on what really happened

Everyone adored Princess Diana. She was funny, kind, and grounded, and she was a great role model for many.

Diana’s fatal vehicle crash in Paris will always be remembered as a terrible event in history. Diana passed away, but her legacy will go on forever, and the world mourned her loss.

But what happened in Paris that night? What kind of injuries has she sustained? MonSef Dahman, the doctor who tried to save Diana’s life that awful night, has now spoken out for the first time.

The news of Diana’s passing stunned the country, leaving her boys William and Harry without a mother. Numerous conversations and debates have focused on the horrifying car crash and its potential cause. However, one person who was affected by the tragedy has finally stepped forward.

MonSef Dahman, a surgeon working in a Parisian hospital at the time, took charge of Diana’s survival attempt.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, he described the entire episode in full.

“The thought that you have lost an important person, for whom you cared personally, marks you for life,” he said to the British news website.

Dahman wasn’t even supposed to work that evening in the first place. At the moment he was a young duty general surgeon at the biggest hospital in France, and his wife was expecting a child. They had planned to take a vacation outside of Paris, but since his wife was expecting their second child, they decided to stay.

That’s why Dahman worked all summer long. As a junior physician, he was had to put in incredibly long shifts. He started working at 8 a.m. on one particular Saturday and worked until 2 a.m.

Dahman described the day as “pretty easy.” He was able to take a few moments to unwind because he hadn’t been asked to do any difficult jobs.

However, things took a sharp turn about two in the morning.

Around 12.23 in the morning, Diana was a passenger in a car that crashed in a Paris tunnel. She was given a lot of attention by the medical staff who were on the scene, but she still went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance.

Six minutes after two in the morning, Diana arrived at the hospital.

“While I was sleeping in the duty room, Bruno Riou, the senior duty anesthetist, called and told me to go to the emergency room,” Dahman told Daily Mail. “I didn’t know it was Lady Diana; I was just told there had been a serious accident involving a young woman.”

At the time, Dahman was thirty-three years old. After using the restroom, which was about 50 meters away from the emergency department, he returned and noticed how awful things had gotten.

And as soon as he walked into the room, he was informed that Princess Diana was the one on the stretcher.

“I didn’t understand what all of this weird activity was until that exact moment,” he added.

“Any doctor or surgeon dealing with a young woman in this state must take great care. Obviously, if she is a princess, this is even more true.

Diana’s X-ray upon arrival at the hospital revealed that she had suffered serious internal injuries. She immediately had a blood transfusion.

Fifteen minutes after Diana arrived, she suffered another cardiac arrest. Dahman tried to operate, but the Princess’s injuries were too deep.

Her heart simply stopped beating.

“We tried electric shocks multiple times, and we also tried cardiac massage, which I had done in the emergency room before,” Dahman stated. The shot of adrenaline was administered by Professor Riou. We couldn’t, however, get her heartbeat to restart.

Dahman and his medical team fought to keep Diana alive. But ultimately, they were at a loss for what to do. He went on to say that Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital was among the best in all of France for these kinds of situations and that he was “happy and proud” to have saved the people who had been brought in.

Diana, on the other hand, felt hope at first. However, they ultimately failed to save her.

“We tried a lot, really an awful lot, and we fought hard,” he exclaimed. It’s hard, to be honest, to notice the passing of time when working in those conditions. All that counts is that we provide this young woman with every chance.

“We failed to save her. And that made a big difference for us.

Princess Diana

Recalls it like it was yesterday.

Every year when August approaches, MonSef Dahman, a surgeon who presently practices in the French town of Antibes, recalls that terrible night at the hospital in 1997. He watched the burial, along with millions of people around the world. It was a complete disaster.

“I don’t go back to it all the time because a lot of years have gone by,” he said to Daily Mail. But every time a book on Diana’s passing has been out in France, I get fresh ones. Regretfully, I own a number of these books.

Princess Diana is still adored by people all around the world because to her enduring energy and legacy. A new television documentary on the late Princess is on the horizon.

In the 90-minute film, there will be new revelations on Princess Diana’s last days, according to Express. Richard Kay, a journalist and royal expert, appears in the documentary. He reveals that he was the last person to talk with Diana before the disastrous car accident.

Diana funeral

That night, I talked to her. “The police told me she called me the last time she did,” Kay recalled.

A recent Diana documentary

A year before her death, Diana and Prince Charles eventually separated. Some accounts claim that Diana was afraid Charles and the Queen would keep her away from William and Harry. This is true, according to biographer Howard Hodgson, author of Charles: The Man Who Will Be King (2007).

“She knew full well that the Queen had the constitutional right and the legal authority to assume responsibility for the upbringing and education of both boys,” claims Hodgson.

“Therefore, Diana might end up being the boys’ guardian or even appointing one—this would most likely be their father—if she eventually burned all of her bridges with the Royal Family.”

Richard Kay claimed that Diana appeared to be in “quite a good place” after her split from Prince Charles. She and her children were robbed of everything just as she was starting a new chapter in her life.

Kay claimed she was making a last-ditch effort to make a fresh start, give something different a shot, and research an alternative kind of royalty. “And she wanted to see her boys once more.”

“The most profoundly lamented person in history”

Princess Diana’s “remarkable life” will be celebrated in the forthcoming documentary. The documentary’s release, according to executive producer David Glover, comes at the “perfect time to revisit her life and legacy.”

Glover claims, “There was something quite special about Princess Diana. She overcame personal obstacles by using her ability to connect with others to accomplish great good.

The sixty-year-old woman added, “It seems like the perfect time to revisit her life and legacy and investigate how she evolved from being a relatively obscure adolescent to the most lamented person in history.”

In 2017, a new statue of the mother of Harry and William was scheduled to be unveiled. On July 1, the statue will be revealed in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace.

Despite Meghan Markle’s absence, Harry is expected to attend the unveiling of his mother’s statue, according to the most current reports. She would instead take care of their infant at the couple’s Montecito home, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Meghan Markle

“Meghan just gave birth and has no plans to travel to London for the memorial event planned for the statue unveiling,” an additional insider told Entertainment Tonight.

Harry and William on their mother

William and Harry discussed their mother on the 20th anniversary of Diana’s passing in 2017.

“Give an example when everyone says, ‘She was funny.'” “All I hear is her laughing,” Harry clarified.

Among the most naughty parents, she used to watch us play football and smuggle candies into her socks. She returned from a football game, and I recall seeing five packages of chocolates under her arms. And all of the clothes were covered in candy.

“We felt so loved by her, and I’m so thankful that the love is still there,” William said. It seems appropriate to honor her at this time and, ideally, present an alternative viewpoint.

Harry went on, “Even though she was on the other side of the room, you could feel that love as her son.”

Harry and William

It must be an extremely rare experience to be a member of the Royal Family. Sure, there will always be plenty of money, but there are responsibilities and obligations in life.

recently uncovered Princess Diana letters

How much of a “normal” childhood William and Harry received from their mother is hard to say. But then Princess Diana’s old letter was unearthed.

The letter gives us a succinct but beautiful glimpse into William and Harry’s early life. There’s also the incredibly special childhood bond between the two.

Diana penned the letter in March 1985, just half a year after the birth of her youngest son, Harry.

“William adores his younger brother and hugs and kisses Harry nonstop throughout the day, hardly letting the parents get near!” Diana writes in the letter that she wrote by hand and that The Sun published.

The letter was sold at auction in Cambridge in 2017 and was written to Cyril Dickman, a former servant of Buckingham Palace.

In further correspondence, Princess Diana revealed that Prince Harry, who was older at the time, was “always in trouble” at school. She also discussed the joys of motherhood and the impending “difficult period” in her life.

accompanied William and Harry to a fast-food joint

Princess Diana was often taken by William and Harry to theme parks and other entertainment venues. She was conscious of the benefits of living the life of a princess, though, such always having food provided for them.

She recognized the need of treating William and Harry like any other child, despite their royal status. Because of this, she would sometimes sneak them out of the castle to get takeout.

“I remember the princess came into the kitchen one day and said, ‘Cancel lunch for the boys, I’m taking them out, we’re going to McDonald’s,” said Darren McGrady, Diana’s former personal chef, in an interview with Marie Claire.

I cried, “Oh my God, your Royal Highness, I can do that, I can make burgers.” She answered, “No, that’s the toy they want.”

Princess Diana will always hold a special place in our hearts. I am appreciative of MonSef Dahman and the medical staff for their tireless efforts to keep Diana alive. We think of you as heroes, along with every other medical worker.

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