25 yr old’s handcrafted Tiny House for independence

Derek, 25, resides in a gorgeously built little house in Washington. After finishing culinary school, he moved in with the intention of going to college to study early childhood education. It enables him to have an independent, frugal, and simple life.

Like for many others, the notion sprang to mind after watching Tiny House Nation.Derek realized from away that this was how he could live. If he could live comfortably in a bedroom, then a little house would seem opulent. And it turned out to be accurate! He started his quest by learning about builders.



In the end, he found Big Freedom Tiny Homes. It’s a tiny Bellingham, Washington-based craftsman store. Designer and constructor Shannon Black is in charge of it. He is renowned for his handcrafted detailing and his ability to construct one little house on wheels at a time. Derek settled on a configuration of 28 feet.

With the lofts added, Derek’s little abode measures 238 square feet. With strategically positioned windows, it seems spacious and light. The primary living area seems spacious yet still provides adequate wall space for privacy and functionality. In a similar vein, it skillfully strikes a balance between large, open spaces and intimate alcoves.

For example, his living area is located beneath the storage loft. The feeling of intimacy is enhanced by the lower ceiling. The two sizable corner windows, however, prevent it from seeming cramped. As soon as you go outside, the entryway and seating area’s towering ceilings immediately make you feel roomy. Derek used a big area rug as a straightforward décor element to create the impression that the living room was a different space.

Derek loves to cook, so he values the ample prep and storage space in his kitchen. A great illustration of the careful design are the shelves that are adjacent to the sink. They are integrated onto his upper stairs’ back. He also loves that little house stairs typically only have storage on the front and sides. Derek is able to clean, dry, and stack his dishes neatly.

Similarly, Derek has access to a handy washing room where he can clean, dry, and store garments. This area is divided from the kitchen and bathroom by two sets of pocket doors. On one side, he has a stackable washer and dryer the size of an apartment. Derek’s wardrobe is located on the other side. It is tucked away nicely behind a tri-fold door.

He paid $85,000 for his modest house when he bought it a few years ago. Derek explains, “I was blessed that my family was able to finance it,” and he is incredibly appreciative of the chance to own a lovely little home. He intends to accumulate funds for future land purchases. Derek eventually wants to live tiny and utilize his money to build a larger house.

To learn more, check out his tiny house tour!

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