A Prayer for Missing Children: Braydon’s Heartwarming Act

For each parent, the worst dread is losing a child, even for a little while. This worry becomes all too real in busy locations like supermarkets and shopping malls. This fear was felt by young Braydon’s mother during their visit to Walmart, the biggest grocery store chain in the country.

Braydon’s mother started to worry more and more about her son’s location as they wandered through the shops. She eventually located him, bowing in prayer in front of a sign. She approached the sign out of sheer curiosity to find out what had drawn Braydon’s attention.

The phrase “Every second counts” was emblazoned in large characters alongside images of missing children. Braydon sincerely prayed to God for these lost souls’ safety because his heart was broken for them. His deed of kindness was not forgotten.

Upon seeing Braydon’s story, a Facebook page devoted to the search for missing teenager Aubrey Jayce Carroll expressed appreciation. They were grateful for his prayers for the missing children, especially their cousin Aubrey Carroll, even though they had no idea who he was. They wanted to express their gratitude and respect for Braydon’s kindness.

What happened next was amazing. On Facebook, the image of Braydon kneeling in front of the placard went viral, receiving over 115,000 shares. His altruism moved the commentators beyond belief. “Whether or not you believe in God actually doesn’t matter,” said one user quite eloquently. The deed of kindness displayed by this young child in Walmart says much. Certainly, the world would be a better place if we all did as he did.


Mother of Braydon ought to be pleased. She is teaching him the virtues of compassion and empathy at a young age. With such a strong base, Braydon is going to develop into a truly exceptional person. God bless his soul, for he has a very good grasp of faith.

Every Second Matters

We often forget how precious each second is in our hectic lives. However, every minute that goes by is a source of worry and desire for families whose children are absent. We were reminded of the need of returning these children home by Braydon’s sincere prayer. One prayer at a time, let us remember the effect we can have and the power of compassion.

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