Amy Grant, 63, reveals tragic problems she’s still facing after traumatic bike crash


According to Amy Grant, she is still dealing with the effects of her horrific bike accident in 2022.



The singer-songwriter was open about her recovery from the tragedy, which she claims left her with a brain injury and memory loss, in an interview with E! News earlier this week.


In July 2022, Grant, 63, is said to have collided with a pothole while cycling in Nashville. Although her initial injuries were deemed minimal, she was placed under observation and it has since been revealed that she is still processing the impact of the collision.



“I still struggle with short-term memory problems. My equilibrium remains peculiar,” Grant stated to E! News.


“Last night, I joked about it. You know, there are moments when I simply have to chuckle at myself because I act like I’m drunk.

“I can’t remember what I can’t remember,” she continued. I’m not sure if I’ll ride a bike again. There are a ton of amazing sports to love, so who knows?

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In addition, Grant disclosed that six months following her bike accident, medical professionals discovered a cyst developing in her throat.

“They removed it during this five-hour surgery that I underwent. I had to relearn how to sing,” she said. “I simply had the impression of an old, beat-up car that had been painted.”


According to the Cleveland Clinic, thyroglossal duct cysts, like the one Grant experienced, are a birth defect. Even though they can make it difficult for a person to eat and drink, they are mostly harmless. For Grant, the cyst made it difficult for her to sing.

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NASHVILLE, TN – OCTOBER 18: On October 18, 2017, in Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriters Vince Gill and Amy Grant attend the 2017 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony. (Image courtesy of Getty Images/John Shearer for CMT)

The Breath of Heaven singer, who is married to country music icon Vince Gill, had open heart surgery in February 2021, which led to Grant’s hospital stay.

“I was unaware that my birth defect was a killer that was encroaching on me,” Grant stated.

Thus, I would advise you to look after yourself. You are needed by the globe. You have no idea what’s actually going on inside, even if it seems like everything is normal.



Let’s hope that Amy Grant has a clear medical future.After everything she’s been through, she deserves it!

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