Jason Aldean: Garth Brooks “Absolutely Not Welcome” at Candlelight Vigil for Toby Keith

Country music superstar Jason Aldean organized a moving candlelight vigil and sing-along in honor of the late musician Toby Keith as soon as word of his demise spread.

“My initial thought was about how we could appropriately pay tribute to Toby,” stated Aldean. You can only imagine how shocked I was to hear from Garth Brooks when he wanted to perform at the vigil. The drawback? Although he acknowledged not knowing any of Toby’s songs, he offered to perform “Achy Breaky Heart” in its place.

Unavoidably, Aldean thought the request was a bit odd. Perhaps Brooks was simply attempting to pull a practical joke on him, he wondered. However, Brooks was, as it turns out, dead serious.

Naturally, there was quite a fuss when word leaked out about Brooks’ planned appearance at Keith’s vigil. Rumors quickly gained traction, with some claiming that Brooks was only attempting to take the credit for himself.

“I concur. One Facebook user wrote, “Garth Brooks is all about himself,” in response to a post made by The Dunning-Kruger Times, which posted the article to their page. The post’s 5,700 comments and almost 34,000 replies demonstrate how strongly supporters felt about it.


It’s crucial to remember that The Dunning-Kruger Times is a satirical journal that is well-known for its funny and fictitious content. Take their articles with a grain of salt; they are not meant to be considered actual news.

This outlet has previously spread unfounded stories regarding Aldean and Brooks in a similar manner. For instance, they stated that Brooks was fired from Keith’s tribute show in February 2024 and that Aldean launched his own music channel in November 2023.

Therefore, even though there was some disagreement surrounding the notion that Brooks would play at Keith’s vigil, it’s important to distinguish fact from fantasy. The key priorities should continue to be remembering Toby Keith and appreciating his outstanding achievements to the music industry.

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