Peter Reckell: The Devoted Husband and Doting Father

Peter Reckell, who gained notoriety for his portrayal of Bo Brady in the hit television serial opera “Days of Our Lives,” is a devoted actor in addition to a devoted husband and father. Reckell has been blissfully married to his “gorgeous” wife, Kelly Moneymaker, who works in show business, for an amazing twenty-four years.

A Successful Journey

Reckell made the decision to depart “Days of Our Lives” in 2015 following the dramatic death of his character, having spent 23 years on the show. However, he has previously departed the show before. He broke away from the relentless filming schedule in 1987 to pursue other endeavors. He did, however, eventually make a comeback to the program and depart once more in 1992, claiming to be “looking for new things.” Reckell left “Days of Our Lives” in 1995 to pursue other endeavors, but she came back to the show to maintain her financial security.

Kelly Moneymaker Is His Life’s Anchor

Kelly Moneymaker, Reckell’s wife of 24 years, has stood by his side. The gifted vocalist and musician Moneymaker is well-known in the music business. She has performed solo, toured with Exposé, and most recently, she got back together to play a show. Even though Reckell keeps to herself, Moneymaker occasionally posts glimpses of their shared existence on social media.

Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell on "Days of Our Lives," 2007 | Source: Getty Images

Honoring One Another and Love

Moneymaker sent two endearing photos to mark their 24 years of dating. In one picture, the pair was shown looking radiantly happy on their wedding day as they shared an embrace beside a calm lake. With a few gray hairs and wrinkles indicating the passing of time, the other photo showed them in a more youthful pose. Moneymaker conveyed her appreciation for the experiences they have had together and the close relationship they have formed over the course of over 30 years.

A Lovely Family

Reckell and Moneymaker are devoted parents to their fifteen-year-old daughter, Loden Reckell, in addition to their unwavering love. Even though they would rather keep their kid out of the spotlight, they periodically post pictures of her. Reckell once posted a touching picture of Loden hugging a tree at a student protest against climate change, demonstrating her love for the natural world.


A Helpful Companion

Reckell is a committed husband and father in addition to being a caring and understanding spouse. He frequently posts well wishes on social media and fully backs Moneymaker’s profession. Reckell never fails to express his love and appreciation for his wife, whether it’s through a touching anniversary greeting or a picture of Moneymaker and her fellow artists before a show.

Adopting a Sustainable Way of Living

Reckell and Moneymaker have deliberately chosen to have a single kid. Despite the fact that they both adore their daughter and wish they could have had more kids, they both support population control and limiting their environmental effect. Reckell is a fervent environmentalist who commutes by bike or electric car to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lower his carbon footprint. He also does yoga and pilates.

Though Peter Reckell has had a successful career in acting, his greatest accomplishments have been as a loving father and spouse. Reckell and Moneymaker exemplify the virtues and delights of a lifetime partnership with their love, devotion, and support.

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