Prioritizing Health: A Life Lesson from a Terminally Ill Man

A 31-year-old man fighting a fatal illness, Liam Griffiths is pleading with others to put their health first after recognizing the seriousness of his own error. Liam was once regarded as the “healthiest man in the world,” but after learning the terrible news about his illness, his life took an unexpected turn. Even though Liam used to be a committed gym-goer and had an active lifestyle, he is now only a shell of the person he once was.

Liam’s physical state has deteriorated to the point where he finds it difficult to perform even basic activities, like climbing stairs. “I literally am living the worst kind of life I could have ever imagined,” he bemoans. It’s awful. I’ve felt the mental strain of it. It’s drained me of everything physically.

Beginning with seemingly little symptoms, Liam experienced cramping, vomiting, severe constipation, and stomach enlargement. Because he worked for himself and would be losing money, at first he chose not to raise a fuss. Nevertheless, he was forced to visit the hospital as his symptoms got stronger and more severe.

Liam’s world completely changed a month after he was first told he had Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory condition of the digestive system. They told him he had cancer of the peritoneum and that he would have to endure a difficult course of chemotherapy. Liam had surgery to try to fight the illness, but it didn’t work, and now he has a deadly illness.

Liam was told not to spend his entire life worrying about his life expectancy when he asked his doctor about it. Liam made the decision to grant his wishes and make enduring memories with his loved ones because he was determined to live life to the fullest. Regretfully, due to his deteriorating health, he will no longer be able to fulfill his bucket list of physically demanding activities.

Liam wants to use his experience to highlight how important it is to put one’s health first. He acknowledges that his biggest error to yet has been ignoring his symptoms and delaying getting medical attention. He exhorts others to put their own wellbeing first and not make the same mistakes he did. The lesson from Liam’s tale is to prioritize your health and never take it for granted.

Since Liam’s NHS-provided chemotherapy is no longer working, he is paying for private medical care, scans, and drugs in an attempt to extend his life. Inspired by his courage, Eve Bannatyne, a friend of his and the daughter of Dragon’s Den actor Duncan Bannatyne, started a JustGiving page to help pay for Liam’s medical bills. Over £18,000 has already been raised by the campaign.

The president and general manager of JustGiving, Pascale Harvie, praises Liam for his extraordinary bravery and strength in the face of this awful illness. She emphasizes that by sharing his personal tragedy, he is inspiring other men to prioritize their health in addition to fighting for his own life.


Let Liam’s tale serve as a reminder to all of us. Being healthy is a priceless gift that needs to be appreciated always. Avoid waiting until the last minute. Make your health a top priority, pay attention to your body, and see a doctor if something doesn’t seem right.

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